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I took woodshop in high school for two years and loved it.  During the summer months between college semesters and holidays I worked at a local cabinet shop making high-end custom kitchen cabinets. It wasn’t long before I started making furniture for myself, family and friends. I was also repairing furniture, broken rocking chairs, antiques for friends, refinishing antiques and would occasionally make them a piece of furniture for their house. While making and repairing furniture I started making country wood crafts, quilt racks, cutting boards, birdhouses, custom sandblasted mailboxes and signs, cabinets, red oak benches for Winn Dixie and Harris Teeter, food displays, furniture, cutting boards, stools, etc., selling them at local craft shows and to businesses and at galleries. I am an amateur woodworker that loves working with wood.

rolling pin on wood lathe

I soon joined the Greenville Woodwokers Guild and made alot of freinds I wanted to learn how to use the lathe, it was easy to find experienced woodworkers to mentor me, teaching me how to wood turn. For months on end, I spent thousands of hours learning wood turn on a huge Jet lathe.

I love woodworking but I also love to garden, watch bluebirds, hiking, camping, cooking and shooting my guns. While cooking I found that I needed a nice cutting board so I made a bunch of them. Soon after learning how to wood turn I made a bunch of recessed wine stoppers, baby rattles, bowls, plates, boxes and more. Everyone wanted a cutting board and wine bottle stopper. I started giving them away as gifts for birthdays and Christmas to family and my friends.

Check out the beautiful cutting boards and bread boards for entertaining or food preparation. The end grain maple and cherry board is a heavy duty board and makes a great gift. At my house we use alot of cutting boards for serving and to keep the hot pans or casserole dishes off of the bar. The wine bottle stoppers look great on an open bottle of wine. For the ice cream lover you will find my heavy-duty ice cream scoops, all are hand-turned on the lathe and assembled with a stainless steel scoop! If you enjoy watching birds and want to add a nice rustic birdhouse for your garden, check out my tin roof bluebird houses. If you like I can custom make any of my items for you, a specific size, wood, etc., just contact me.

I hope that you will browse my site, maybe find a gift for someone close to your heart, the chef, the bird watcher, grandparent or parents. Perhaps a wedding or birthday gift. Each item will be carefully packaged before shipping.

To order any of my work you can use Paypal:
Use Paypal “Send Money” to my email address  using Paypal, go to FAQ’s and Ordering page for details.

Paypal send money

Be sure to check some of the letters and emails from wonderful people who have purchased from me.

oval and round cutting board
Cutting Boards in shop

round cutting board

rectangle cutting board

Rectangle Cutting Board

walnut rectangle cutting board

Walnut Rectangle Cutting Board

walnut double handle cutting board


solid Walnut cutting board

Double Handle Cutting Board or Serving Board

We hope that you can find a special gift for yourself, home or someone close to your heart.

oval walnut cutting board

Oval Cutting Boards

oval cherry cutting board


I made a board just like this one for Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa. Click the image to see my post on Ina Garten cutting board!

end grain cutting board with wood conditioner ready to ship

End-Grain Maple and Cherry Cutting boards

Find out more about my End Grain Cutting Boards.

hand turned wood rolling pin great for rolling dough

Old fashion handcrafted wood rolling pins.

round end grain cutting board, maple and cherry

Round maple and cherry end grain cutting board.

Round boards are available in 12 inch, 15 inch and 24 inch. I can also custom handcraft any size round, rectangle or square boards for you. I can also handcraft as an end grain, log grain or edge grain boards. The picture above is an end gran board.


maple and bloodwood ince cream lovers scoop

Handmade Ice Cream scoop

An Ice Cream Scoop make a wonderful gift for anyone that is an ice cream lover! Link to my Homemade Ice Cream Scoops page to see my scoops and paddles. How to make an Ice Cream Scoop handle

If you are chopping vegetables, or serving appetizers, cheese and fruits, our beautiful cutting boards or serving board will certainly become your favorite tool in your kitchen. With every board  a tin of my Wood Conditioner is included.

walnut end grain cutting board, chef board

Walnut end grain cutting board

round cuttng board with handle maple cherry walnut

 Round Cutting Board with Handle

round wlnut cutting board

Round Walnut Cutting Board with Handle

round cutting board

Round Cutting Board and Trivet with Hole

oval walnut and cherry cutting board

The above picture was taken by “Woodland Gnome”@ Forest Garden Blog the day she received her boards. You can still see the packaging. Check out my oval cutting boards.

replica of a vintage round white pine board with handle

Replica of a vintage round white pine board with handle 24 inches in diameter

wood conditioner also called spoon butter, board butter or wood butter in tins, made from mineral oil and beeswax

Cutting board and wood spoon conditioner

Pages and Post:

Bluebird Houses
Cutting Boards
Ice Cream Lover Scoops
Wood Conditioner

Check out my post on making a step stool:
Walnut Step Stool: Part I
Walnut Step Stool: Part II
Making a Walnut Step Stool Part III

Walnut Slabs
Walnut Wood Gloat

Meet Lizzie and Leo! Lizzie is our calico and Leo is her baby son! Lizzie is around 6 years old and Leo is 3 years old. They are both good hunters and often bring lizards and mice to the front door.

Lizzie and Leo

15 Responses to “My Work”

  1. You make some beautiful things! Is the acorn a box?

  2. Beautiful pieces, do you still make the round cutting boards?

  3. Beautiful work! Do you have acorn boxes currently for sale?

  4. Tim Callahan Says:

    thanks for the beautiful cutting boards. They are going to make great Christmas gifts.

  5. […] how much I wanted to order a cutting board from Michael, my partner asked me to place that order on Boxing Day, as a final gift of the […]

  6. Your cutting boards and rolling pins are gorgeous! Glad to have stumbled by!

  7. Your calico, Lizzie, looks a lot like my Izzy. :)

  8. Lisa Peters Says:

    Do you repair birdhouses?

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