Cutting Boards


Handmade Cutting boards make great gifts!

end grain cutting board


For me, creating a home that is warm and inviting, where everyone feels welcome is pure joy! A home cooked meal, a few desserts here and there, the love of family, friends and fellowship all help to make our home a Happy Home. Happiness is a home made of love & laughter & good times with family & friends.

Beautiful home cooked food deserves to be beautifully presented. Our handmade cutting boards and serving boards are perfect for preparing food and serving straight to the table making them a treasure in every home.

Each board is beautifully designed to be displayed in your home and makes a stunning and practical accessory to your cooking, dining and living quarters. Made from the finest hardwoods, carefully selected for their character and beauty each board is unique and impressive and certain to last a lifetime.

The surface of each board are hand-sanded to a smooth finish. When completed, each board receives numerous coats of food grade mineral oil and then I use a blend of mineral oil and beeswax to protect the surface.

A good cutting board belongs in every kitchen. If you enjoy cooking and entertaining guest on a regular basis, you may want to have multiple boards for cutting, cheese tasting, hors d’oeuvres, wine tasting and dessert displays.

Be sure to check some of the letters and emails from wonderful people who have purchased from me.

Be sure to click the pictures below for details on each item!

end grain cutting board

The above picture was taken by Sally at Bewitching Kitchen. This is the same board I made for Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa, check it out.

 maple and cherry cutting board, chopping block or butcher board

 Maple and Cherry End Grain Cutting Board

$76.00 to $86.00

walnut double handle cutting board

Double Handle Cutting Board and Serving Board


rectangle cutting board

Rectangle Cutting Boards

$ 50.00


round cutting board with paddle handle

10″ and 12″ Round Cutting Board with Handle

$25.00 and up


oval cherry cutting board

Oval Walnut Cutting Board


round end grain cutting board, maple and cherry

Maple and Cherry End Grain Cutting Board

$76.00 to $86.00

 round end grain cutting boards, serving boards or trivets

 Cutting, serving and or Trivet Boards

$18.00 to $25.00

walnut end grain cutting board, chef board

Walnut End Grain Cutting Board


handmade maple and walnut cutting board

Maple Cutting Board with Walnut Strips


round cutting board

Round Cutting Board and Trivet with Hole

$25.00 to $31.25

round cuttng board with handle maple cherry walnut

12 Inch Round Cutting Board with Handle


wood conditioner, spoon butter, board butter or wood butter in tins, made from mineral oil and beeswax, spoon butter

My Wood Conditioner will help revive, condition and protect your cutting boards and serving boards!  $6.00 to $9.00

brazilian cherry cutting or server board

Brazilian Cherry Serving Board


** Right now I am having difficulty in locating Brazilian Cherry lumber so I will not be able to make this board in Brazilian Cherry. However, I can make this same board in Walnut, Maple or Northern Cherry.

 figured maple bread board or serving board

Maple Bread Board

$ 25.00

Wood Conditioner revives, conditions and will protect your cutting boards.

Beautiful Maple and Cherry Wood End Grain Cutting Boards

Round Maple and Cherry End Grain Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards, Serving Boards and Trivet Boards

Round cutting Boards with Handle

Trivet Boards

My Work

Click picture for details.

21 Responses to “Cutting Boards”

  1. Gorgeous pieces – you are very talented!

  2. Tim Callahan Says:

    I have a new customer that will be calling you maybe tomorrow.

  3. Gorgeous woodwork! My son dabbles in woodwork and so I’ve begun to appreciate the finer stuff. Really nice!

  4. These are really beautiful. A handcrafted chopping board is such a lovely idea, something that will be handled and appreciated every day.

  5. These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! My birthday is coming up and I might have to discreetly leave this link up on my husband’s computer!

  6. […] bread from the recipe in this post. Bread board by Michael […]

  7. I am blown away by the beauty of your boards!

  8. I love wood….I was told plastic cutting boards were safer, easier to care for, etc., etc. BUT I love wood and that’s all there is to that!

    • I love wood too Mary! I only use my wood cutting boards for vegetables, no chicken, no fish or red meat. Wood boards are easy to care for too if you know the process but they can not go into the dishwasher like the plastic boards. The wood boards look great in the kitchen too for decoration! :)

  9. Love the boards, I will be placing an order, I need and want that ice cream scoop, and must look at your rolling pins.

  10. Beulah Malm Says:

    I don’t know how I got to this web site but am very Happy I did. I have been looking for a special cutting board.Now how do I get back to this or will you put me on this web site?The cutting board My Father made for me 30+ years ago and you can see through the middle of it.Must not use it LOL.Won’t use it now afraid to break it in half.Please send me your website

    • I am glad you did Beulah! 30 year old board, sounds like it has gotten a lot of use over the years. You can subscribe to my site by clicking the “Follow’ button on the right side of the page. I hope you come back to visit again soon.

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