Rolling Pins

Handmade Rolling Pins

hand turned wood rolling pin great for rolling dough

Click to view details of the old fashion rolling pin with handles

My  handmade rolling pins, from old fashion to french are hand turned, shaped and finished. Their craftsmanship makes them worthy of display in your kitchen!  All are made in Greenville, SC USA. Rolling out your pie, cookie, pastry dough, cinnamon rolls or pasta dough is easy with these rolling pins. Would you like to work in your kitchen with a great looking rolling pin? The old fashion rolling pin with handles is very popular.

Pins are made from dense brazilian cherry with stunning red curly figure making them beautiful. This would make a great addition to your kitchen and everyone will love your rolling pin.

All of these are hand turned one at a time, then I sand them to 1200 grit to a silky smooth sheen. Each pin is then rubbed with numerous coats of mineral oil to bring out the color and figure of the wood. Food safe mineral oil and beeswax is then applied, buffed and finished.

PLEASE NOTE that each rolling pin shown is an example of my handmade pins, yours will be hand turned and finished by hand one at a time from the same species of figured wood.

All of these rolling pins make a great gift  for any kiitchen!

rolling pin on wood lathe

rolling pin on wood lathe

Old Fashion wood Rolling Pins

Caring for your Rolling Pin

After use, wipe with a damp cloth.
Use Wood Conditioner to brin out the grains of your pin whenever you would like, but at least once a month. DO NOT use vegetable oil.

Keep your Rolling Pin looking its best with Wood Conditioner, also called wood butter or spoon butter.

wood conditioner also called spoon butter, board butter or wood butter in tins, made from mineral oil and beeswax

5 Responses to “Rolling Pins”

  1. Thank-you for your e-mail and sharing this link. You are on my blog list. Such an interesting blog you have here! and this esp, interests me to see how a rolling pin is made. Thank-you for tips on the care of them as well. My collection is approx. 15 yrs. in the making.

  2. Ok I’ve figured it out, I’ll email you a list, yes list :) , of a couple of pieces—something for me of course, but something for my stepmom and future daughter-n-law for Christmas. I’ve used Paypal only one previous time and had some difficulty with it, but I’ll give it another go, otherwise I can certainly send a check ….
    but I’ll email soon—thank you Michael

  3. hello, I’m interested in a rolling pin – I love them. How much are they? I do not see a price. Thank you in advance.

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