#1 Walnut Cutting Board

walnut-board-with-handleUnique One-of-a-kind cutting board.

Handcrafted American walnut solid wood cutting board with a handle carved to fit your hand. Beautiful grain, shiny finish, and smooth to the touch.

This boards is approximately 15/16 inch thick and 6-1/2 x 18 inches long.

Each board is hand sanded to a smooth finish then finished with numerous coats of food safe mineral oil then top coated with mineral oil and beeswax, a food safe wood finish. Most all walnut boards have curly figure grain and there can be small knots that add unique character to the board.

I will be glad to add a hole n the handle if you are interested.

Makes a very nice gift for someone who likes to cook and entertain family and friends.

Be sure to look at all pictures which includes pictures of all sides.



ultimate-walnut-cutting-board  beautiful-walnut-serving-board  walnut-board

#1  Walnut Cutting Board – SOLD


** This board is sold but if you like it I can make you a board similar to this one!

When ordering a one-of-a-kind board, please order by number, to find out details on ordering click here.




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