Bluebirds Eating Mealworms

Late yesterday afternoon the bluebirds finally found the mealworm feeder. There was alot of activity going on, they would fly to the feeder, get a few mealworms and then fly out to the woods or the male would fly into the birdhouse to feed his mate.

After getting up early this morning I cleaned out the mealworm feeder and added more mealworms. It wasn’t but about 10 minutes when the male bluebird and what looks like a few fledglings showed up hanging around and eating the mealworms. I took these pictures this morning, be sure to click the image to enlarge.

I believe these are the same bluebirds from a first cycle brood back in May. They have only been back for a few weeks now, built their nest and have been nesting for their second brood. There are three or four fledgling hanging around too.

The male was constantly flying from the mealworm feeder with mealworms to inside the birhouse to feed the female who is sitting on eggs. I want to peek inside the house to see how many eggs they have but don’t want to scare them. I did peek inside after they had been working on the nest for 3 days and know they have built a high nest.

The fledglings where going back and forth from the cast iron plant hanger and near by tree limbs to the mealworms when dad was in the birdhouse. This continued for about 15 minutes until the mealworms were gone.

If you like my bluebird house and would like one please contact me.

bluebird fledgling on birdhouse


6 thoughts on “Bluebirds Eating Mealworms

  1. That is a very pretty style bluebird house. Thanks for looking at my blog and leaving me a comment. Yes, all my eggs hatched successfully, and I saw all 5 fledge too. I had a second brood, and that one was successful as well. The slow start to spring this year seemed to cause us to lose the first of what is normally 3 broods. Thanks again for checking in on my post:-)

  2. All our bluebirds have left. I miss them! I really love your house. I may get one for next year. Thanks for visiting my blog. I took a lot of video of the bluebirds and got some great footage of the babies sticking their heads out. I’m going to put something together with the 100s of pics my husband took plus my video footage.

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