My Japanese Iris

ocen mist japanese iris flower

Two years ago I planted several Japanese iris that I had gotten locally from a guy in Saluda, North Carolina. The plants I had gotten were small but I was determined to give them the care they needed to grow and flower. Once you have seen Japanese iris flowers, you will remember them because they are beautiful!

beautiful rosea japanese flower

Dwarf crested iris, Iris cristata

The first picture upper left is Rosea, all the other pictures are Ocean Mist. My favorite is the Ocean Mist, it has grown more this year than the first year and seems to like it’s location. I will be diividing it this year so that I have more plants.

ocean mist japanese iris flower

If you want to grow Japanese iris, I will tell you that they have special soil requirements. They like a slightly acid soil between 5.5 and 6.5. Rich, loose soil with organic matter, I add aged cow manure and compost. You can give them 12-12-12 fertilizer the second year. They are heavy feeders and require a lot of water.

ocen mist japanese iris flower

They are worth all the extra effort, once they bloom you will know what I am talking about!

Wouldn’t you like to have a bluebird house for your garden!

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