Ostrich Ferns Gone Wild

Ostrich Ferns and Bishops weed

My Ostrich ferns have done extremely well this year and are absolutley beautiful! These ferns love a wet moist soil and this year we have had so much rain that they are loving it. The front of our house faces exactly North so I decided to planted six small clumps of Ostrich ferns across the front of the house two years ago. Mine are about 4 feet tall this year. Deer don’t like the Ostrich ferns so if you have deer around your place they won’t eat it. Last year they did grow well but this year they have gone wild.

ostrich ferns

In front of the Ostrich ferns you can see my Bishops Weed or also called Snow on the Mountain. The foliage is variegated and forms a quick, dense weed-proof carpet. In zone 6, I am able to grow the Bishops Weed in the shade and sun as long as it gets watered regularly and will grow 10″ tall.  It is fast growing and can be invasive. It grows from a rhizome and just a small piece will grow a new plant. Early summer clusters of white flowers on stems will appear.  You will often find Bishops Weed in hosta garden! It will also grow well under tress when nothing else will grow there.

bishops weed also called snow on the mountain


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