Sweet Kate



Sweet Kate is a wonderful perennial for the garden. The above picture was taken early in the morning back in May of this year. I purchased Tradescantia Sweet Kate from Plant Delights Nursery about 12 years ago. It is an easy to grow perennial that has spectacular bright chartreuse foliage and blooms all summer long.

It forms dense clumps, foliage is erect and has strap like leaves growing about 18 inches tall. The bright chartreuse is eye catching along the border of my garden. The next two pictures were taken this morning, towards the end of the season it is still blooming but the leaves are not as bright.

Sweet Kate

The flowers are a deep blue nearly violet color. Flowers are petaled and bloom everyday in the morning until the sun hits them from spring to first frost. The stamen stems have a dot of pollen on each that floats above the flower.

Tradescantia sweet kate

Sweet Kate is deer resistant, will tolerate wet soil, attracts a lot of butterflies, blooms from spring to the first frost and will grow in direct sun even in South Carolina. It is easily divided so you can transplant to other areas of your garden. If you are not growing Sweet Cate, you should give it a try.

Let me know if you are growing Sweet Cate in your garden?

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5 thoughts on “Sweet Kate

  1. What a beautiful shade of blue. It reminds me of a perennial in my great grandmother’s garden in Richmond. If it’s deer resistant, I’m definitely adding it to my “list” for spring planting. Always so nice to find a perennial with such a long period of bloom. Thank you for the beautiful photos. WG

  2. They are really pretty Michael. I tried growing them once but they don’t like my very dry rockery and just flopped and hardly flowered. I didn’t know the common name though – it suits them!

  3. Not growing it, yet but hope to! I have been looking for this lovely perennial without much luck. Would you possibly be interested in selling or a trade? I have many plants, inside and out. Please, contact, if so. To keep the bots away my area code is 985. The rest of my mobile is 634. THEN 4703. TEXT or call, anytime. Hope to hear from you.

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