Deodar Cedar


deodar cedar tree

I purchased two Deodar Cedar trees in 3 gallon containers at the end of the season last year. Both trees were slightly taller than 2 feet tall and in good condition with a caliper of about 1 inch. After getting them planted and mulched I just kept them watered. This Spring, I mulched them again and started fertilizing them once a month using organic fertilizer. Each time I would give them a 5 gallon bucket of 1/2 strength of fish emulsion they would grow nearly 2 inches.

The Deodar cedar is an ornamental evergreen tree that can reach 70 feet and up to 20 to 40 feet wide. They do well here in upstate South Carolina. Our hottest months are July and August and the deodar cedar does tolerate drought and will take full sun as long as they get water regularly.

deodar cedar needlles

As you can see, they are fairly fast growing and have branches that are sweeping toward the ground. It has a dense canopy, the needles are pointed and are 1-2 inches in length green or silver blue-green in appearance. When we have snow the Deodar Cedar tree really stands out!

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7 thoughts on “Deodar Cedar

  1. Those are beautiful! As things go, I was just reading about efforts to re-plant Cedars of Lebanon both in Lebanon and around the world last night. Your Cedars are off to a great start.

  2. Your deodars are lovely! You are taking good care of them, and they should give you many years of pleasure as they grow. Thanks for stopping by my own blog and for your kind comment! i love my deodars. My ‘Feelin’ Blue’ deodar continues to amaze me with its beautiful color and form. Best wishes for all your gardening endeavors. Deb

  3. They get much bigger than that! I have three of them on my property. We think they are 80-100 years old and maybe a 100 feet tall. The trunk of the bigger one is easily 12 feet around.

    • Hi Annette, yes I know, the one in the picture grew 17 inches last year and this year it has already grown 22 inches! 80 to 100 foot tall is huge and a truck 12 feet around is unbelievable! Where do you live Annette? I tried to go to your blob but not sure I was at the right site! 🙂

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