Beautiful Color


american beautyberry

Photograph of the native American Beautyberry berries

Along with all of the other native plants on the mountain comes the American Beautyberry. It can be found in the open areas along the tree line. This time of year the clusters of purple berries are at peak color and nearly ready for the birds and deer to start eating them. The berries can be eaten raw, they are sweet and suitable for human consumption but I  sure wouldn’t eat many of them as they are astringent. The chemical substance that will shrink or contrict boby tissue.

american beautfyberry

The purple color is so brilliant and beautiful!

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18 thoughts on “Beautiful Color

  1. Those are some real “beauties” Michael—My aunt, who lives in South Florida, called me after reading that post to let me know that she’s had those things growing in her yard for years. I has only seen them out in the woods, I had no idea people had them in the yard—as I learn new things each and everyday 🙂 Thank you for sharing your beauties— 🙂

    • Hi Cookie!! Hope that’s ok I called you Cookie!! Thank you so much for visiting my site, I enjoyed all the beautiful pictures on your site. You do such a great job with the pictures.

      Sounds like they are native to your area too, we have alot of them around here. I am glad your aunt read my post, blogging is a wonder thing, sharing…

      I hope you will visit my site again soon.


  2. Your pictures are excellent, you really captured the color! I love Beauty Berries and just did an entire post about them. There are many more berries on the plants you photographed than I’ve ever seen in my area.

    • Hi there catwoods,
      thank you, I just read your post. You’ve taken so really good pictures. I can see the difference in the number of berries comparing your pics to my pics.

      Glad you visited my page, hope you will come back soon!

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