Acorns, Hickory Nuts & Walnuts


Brrrrrrr……. The temperature this morning was 28 degrees and the wind was howling all night. It won’t be long and we will need the wool blankets and hot chocolate! The Autumn Colors are later thas year than normal.

mountain view trees with green colors

View from our deck

This picture was taken today, Saturday, October 26th from our deck. As you can see not much change in the leaves just yet but I can tell you the leaves have started falling. With the cold nights that are forecast the leaves will be at peak in about two weeks. I am hoping for the beautiful rich colors of autumn, shades of yellow, red, and orange.

red oak acorns

Red Oak Tree Acorns

Acorns, hickory nuts and walnuts are falling, the squirrels and turkey are feasting on all the acorns and hickory nuts.

hickory tree nuts

Hickory Tree Nuts

Looks like the squirrels have been eating the hickory nuts, the green one has squirrel teeth marks.

walnuts on ground

Black Walnuts

The Black Walnuts are starting to fall and the hulls are turning black. It’s almost time to start gathering up the walnuts!

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8 thoughts on “Acorns, Hickory Nuts & Walnuts

  1. Yes…the cold is here.
    For some reason, here in Fredericksburg VA, there are not many acorns on the ground. Some say it is because the Cicada damaged the ends of the oak tree branches. There are going to be many hungry deer and squirrels this winter, I fear!

  2. It’s amazing how green it is where you are – and you have a beautiful view from your deck! Our trees are mostly bare, now, and we’ve already gotten out our down blankets – but all is warm and cozy.

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