Sunset and Icicles


beautiful fall sunset

We had a perfect ending to a perfect day and as it begins, so it ends. A strong cold front moved across upstate South Carolina Wednesday evening that led to the most beautiful sunset. I caught these pictures from our deck just a few minutes before dark. The reflection of the sun on the clouds was beautiful.

fall sunset

The cold front spawned snow flurries and bitter cold temperatures. By 9:00 PM the skies were clear, the temperature read 22 degrees and gusty winds gave us a wind chill of 12 degrees.

fall icicles

I found the evidence of our cold night the next morning down at our mountain spring which is on the North Slope.




28 thoughts on “Sunset and Icicles

  1. beautiful colors—and I love the icicles…a sample of what is no doubt on its way as we get closer to winter. I e-mailed you earlier today, letting you know that the check and the vanilla are in the mail 🙂

    • Hi Vee,
      This was our first icicles that I could find. Our mountain spring water is usually the first to freeze since it is on the Northside of the mountain. Our home is in the mountains of South Carolina.

      Glad to have you visit my blog!

    • Let’s say we had icicles, they are gone now. We had a cold front come thru that gave us low temperatures and wind chill around 12, the icicles were only here the one day. You must really be cold already to have a frozen pond!! It’s that time of year.

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