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 I spent 20 minutes trying to catch this little guy; somehow he sneaked into the house. Finally, he ran into the master bedroom closet. I quickly closed the door, even though I had him cornered he still our maneuvered me for quite awhile. I guess he was hunting for a warm place to sleep tonight!

Handmade Ice Cream Scoops










17 thoughts on “Chipmunk

    • Hello TexWisGirl!!!
      Me too but he didn’t bite me thank goodness. I did think about him bitting me but I didn’t want to open the door to get a bag or towel. When I put him outside he took off running into the leaves.

  1. what a magical moment –a delightful visit from a most special guest 🙂
    ..and yes, the ice cream scoop is beautiful, I can’t wait to see dad’s face Christmas morning when he opens it–he loves ice cream and this will make serving ice cream something most special —again, thank you Michael –I’ll post more about your treasures on cookie crumbs when I can properly write up the story….
    here’s to a happy evening without surprise company 🙂

  2. How cute! I’m glad you were able to help him get back outside where he belongs! 🙂
    I also enjoyed your post on the Rum Cake and what a wonderful gift that homemade vanilla is!!

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