Red Fox

Saturday, December 7, 2013


red fox

We have alot of Red Fox that roam the moutain, many of them we will see in the evening just before sunset. Here are two pictures of red fox that my Reconyx Hyperfire HC600 trail camera caught the last day of October this year around 10:42 PM. The pictures are seconds apart, be sure to double click the pictures to see a full view.

The lights you see in the back ground is our driveway gate.

red fox 

As I hike the mountain around our home I am always on the lookout for fox and coyote dens but I have not found any yet. I am sure there are more than one fox den becuase I have seen at least seven different red fox. If you have never seen a red fox they are really beautiful animals. They are the size of a large dog with a beautiful red fur with cream color on the underside. The Winter fur is dense, soft, silky and relatively long.

The red fox is not always the classic red color. There are many different phase and color variations which give the red fox many different names such as the black fox, the silver fox, cross fox, the samson fox and there are also albinos. Occasionally we will see a gray fox but only about 2-3 times a year.

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15 thoughts on “Red Fox

  1. Love the fox—we have a couple of grey fox that use to frequent our property–even walking around on the front porch—but the red fox are not as prevalent —such beautiful animals. Thank you for sharing Michael—happy Advent—Julie

    • I know what you mean about the coyotes, my trail cam catches them all the time. When I see them they are often in pack sof three or more. Most I have seen together are at one time is nine. I don’t care for the coyotes!

  2. We occasionally have had red foxes here. I remember the day I looked out the kitchen window and saw, in broad daylight, a red fox standing in the middle of my children’s playground! That was when we had plentiful rabbits. After the foxes ate most of the rabbits, they moved on. Now we see them just once in a while.

    Thanks for commenting about the magnolia. You asked if I had any tulip magnolias. I have one, a pinkish purple one named ‘Jane’. She is very lovely but sometimes late frosts will zap her blooms, just when they are becoming most beautiful.

    • It rare to see the red fox during the day in the summer time but in the winter they are usually out looking for food. We have the coyotes as well so they are competing for the food.

      I love the magnolia trees, I also have a Jane tulip magnolia. I know what you mean about the frost. The tulip magnolias seem to be one of the first to bud and bloom right around Easter time about the time is gets cold again.

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