Do You Like Pizza?


new york style pizza

A good friend of mine owns Torrelli’s pizza that is located in Greenville, SC near Furman University. I love pizza, especially New York style pizza like they make. We don’t eat pizza often but when we do, this is where we go. This pizza here is absolutely delicious!

torrelli's pizza

They sell pizza by the slice and whole pizza’s starting from 12 inch up to 28 inch size pizza’s. The slices they sell are cut from the 28 inch pizza so the slices are huge.

slices of new york pizza

Are you hungry yet?  What is your favorite kind of pizza? Cheese, pepperoni, veggie?

28 inch pizza

Here is the 28 inch pizza! This box is nearly impossible to get into a small car it’s so huge.

So what kind of pizza do you like?

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11 thoughts on “Do You Like Pizza?

  1. I miss a good old fashioned pizzeria –growing up in Atlanta, there were several really good pizza joints selling them by the slice Franco’s and Felinis—but naturally the best I’ve had is across the pond, in the birth country of pizza …and once you’ve had the real deal, it’s hard finding a substitute–best pizza I had throughout Italy was actually in Padua (Padova) and that too is a college town—college and pizza—a match made in Heaven

  2. What beautiful pizza! A very similiar place near us specializes in white pizzas. They make an amazing version covered in olive oil, garlic, and sauteed spinach with a little ricotta and mozzarella. You can eat your greens and enjoy your pizza all in the same meal!

  3. yup, i like pizza. i rarely have take-out ones, but i like ham and pineapple. i mostly assemble mine at home on a thin crust, olive oil for sauce, then just top with canadian bacon, onion, basil and some cheese.

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