Surprise Surprise Surprise

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” ~Cynthia Ozick

So as we start a new week, our weather forecast is cold. It’s seems that we are going to have another really cold week with temperatures in the low teens.

This week I am focused on the things which I am most thankful for. When I was young I took things for granted. There are so many things to be thankful for but this week I am going to focus on family and friends. I am so thankful for my family and all my friends; I love them all so much. I have been blessed with so many friends, including my blogger friends. I have to tell you, there are some wonderful bloggers out there all across the world that are so talented, doing what they love, writing, posting pictures, crafting, cooking, grilling, hiking, and much more, telling their stories and most of all sharing. All of which are so caring, loving and talented. I have the chance to write on a lot of blogs since I started my blog, they have taught me so many wonderful things and I have seen so many wonderful photographs from all over the world.

Last year I made a lot of cutting boards. There have been a lot of bloggers that purchased a board from me and I want to thank each and every one of you. Many of you wrote and sent me a personal note about the cutting board you received  and some of you wrote a note but also wrote about the board on your blog. I want to thank you too because I know that it takes a lot of time to write a blog post.

Most recently, my good blogger friend at Forest Garden Blog wrote about the cutting boards I made her. I will tell you that she loves blogging and is very talented, from gardening, photography, cooking, baking and more. On Thursday, I received a ‘surprise’ package from her. It was a large envelope and it was very light. When I opened the package, I found the most beautiful handmade wool scarf’s from her, plus a hand written note. With all the cold weather we have been having these are going to get a lot of use. I love wool and these are perfect for my wife and I! My wife really loved the purple scarf! These are handmade in her spare time! Handmade items are the best gifts to give and receive because they are personal, useful, beautiful and functional. Thank YOU so much WG!!! 🙂 We love the scarfs!!

handmade wool scarf

She is so talented, you will see that when you visit her site, Forest Garden Blog,  but she never mentions anything about making the wool scarfs!

handmade wool scarfs

This was the second surprise package I have received from a blogger friend that had received a cutting board from me. Less than two  months ago I received a surprise package of homemade vanilla extract from another blogger friend that writes at her blog cookiecrumstoliveby .  I have enjoyed using the vanilla in my baking, it’s really, really good! She also posted twice on her blog about the cutting boards I made for her and her family. Here is my post when I received her package, Surprise Package. There is a link on this page to her post about making homemade vanilla extract, be sure to check it out.

I really enjoy blogging. I am so blessed, happy and thankful that I have had the chance to make some wonderful friends from blogging!

16 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise Surprise

  1. Wonderful post! Having “met” you through my blog, your post made me smile…

    amazing, isn’t it? There is a lot of negative stuff associated with social media, the lack of privacy, the constant bombardment with advertisement, but there’s also the possibility to connect with people doing what they love and what they, like you – are great at doing!

    • Hi Sally! thank you, you have a wonderful smile! It is amazing but you are right, there is a lot of negative stuff out there too. I stay away from that as much as possible. Blogger friends are special and I love it!

  2. Michael, you just let me know when you need more extract—I’ll let your know when I come up with something else new and exciting!!
    Stay warm–these next couple of days are going to be brutal!
    I love those scarves—that is one thing I cannot do, sew , knit, crochet 🙂
    Please know that I consider it such a blessing the new friendship I’ve found with a South Carolina woodworker 🙂
    blessing to you and your family—

    • Good morning Julie, I love the extract, I’ve used in many times in my baking cakes, cup cakes, brownies, etc. it’s great! Our local weather station was calling for the low teens and this morning they are now saying single digit temperatures, no birds at the feeders this morning so it must be on it’s way. You and yours need to be sure to stay warm too! I am also grateful for our relationship! 🙂 Have a great day!

  3. I’m pleased to have met you too Michael – blogging friends can make us smile just when we need it, or open our eyes to something new we hadn’t heard of before. I am grateful too. Love the purple scarf in particular!

    • good afternoon Cathy, I am so glad to have met you too Cathy, blogging is amazing, isn’t it! Give us all the chance to connect with people all around the world doing what they love and sharing. I am grateful that you are my blogger friend! 🙂

  4. how wonderful and what a smile it does bring; these little thngs that mean so much; much more than the “mores” out in the world.
    love your blog and of course the added benefit of all the other bloggers.

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