Red Fox Returns


Yesterday afternoon, I decided it was time to check my trail camera for pictures. There were a lot of pictures on the Sandisk memory card, raccoons, red fox, possum, ground hogs, squirrels, birds, shunk, deer, turkey and coyote.

Red Fox trail camera picture

Here are a few pictures of the Red Fox! The picture just before the red fox there were a couple raccoons in that area! I think he smells the raccoons!

Red Fox

One evening a couple weeks ago I was filling my birdfeeders and I had a beautiful Red Fox walk up within 4-5 feet of me. He was a beautiful red and gray color and I am sure he was looking for food. He just stood there for 2-3 minutes, didn’t seem scared at all and then he walked away back into the woods. I wonder if it is the same fox in these trail cam pictures?

Red Fox Reconyx trail cam picture


red fox


Notice the time stamp on the pictures, after about 6 pictures around 5:36 PM, he returns again at 5:47 PM


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16 thoughts on “Red Fox Returns

        • Coming down hard here, too. and it began sticking immediately. They keep increasing the projections for accumulation, and moving the snow further inland. I don’t remember cold like this, for this long, before a heavy snow in VA. I hope all of your house systems are reliable and that you both are ready for the storm. WG

        • 😉 Its accumulating faster now, and the flakes are larger. I think the main storm has finally gotten here. When is it supposed to roll away from you there in Charleston? I can’t remember when the Outer Banks of NC have gotten snow like this. Glad everyone is warm at your house and the hearth is lit. A lot of work ahead tomorrow to begin to dig out 😉

        • Not. Helping to shovel the drive and dig out the cars. BUT I’ve gotten some beautiful photos around the edges 😉 More to come…. There was a herd of 6 deer in our ravine early this AM. The photo when I shot the herd blurred on their focus, but I got a few when I only saw 2 does. Will look forward to photos of your beautiful mountain. Our snow is closer to 6 in places, and probably an average of around 5. Thank goodness it is a light, dry snow which can be swepped now before it freezes, Hope YOU stay warm- E

  1. Several years ago, Michael, we had a gray fox that was wandering around our neighborhood, and he stayed most of that summer. One summer night, when I headed to the back of the yard to move the sprinkler I almost ran right into him. He wasn’t 3 feet away from me. We both stopped and looked and each other wondering what to do, and then he turned and jumped back over our fence and ran off. Another time several days later, I looked out from the house at a bird bath at the back of the yard and saw what I thought was a cat up on it getting a drink and thought to myself, “what a long fluffy tail that cat has.” When I told my husband to look he laughed and said that it was because it was the fox and not a cat. And so it was. Haven’t seen him in several years now though. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

    • Good morning Natalie! I think that the fox like humans as long as they don’t smell fear. It’s neat how they will come righ up to you. Great story about the cat – fox at the bird bath. Makes me think about that eyeglass commercial where the lady opens the door while it is dark and calls for her cat and a raccoon comes into her house! 🙂

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