Raccoons, Bring One Bring All

I moved my trail camera to catch the bird feeders so that I could see what was happening during the night. It started early around 10:15 PM and continued all night into the early morning hours.

reccoons reconyx trail cam picture

There was one, then two!

raccoon trail camera picture

Then three!

raccoons trail cam picture

Now it’s starting to get crowded at four!

raccoons trail camera picture

raccoons trail cam picture

Then there were five!


I had more Raccoons pictures than I could have posted, The Raccoons were under the bird feeders all night!

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20 thoughts on “Raccoons, Bring One Bring All

  1. Oh Michael, that is amazing! So glad you moved the cameras to get a look. What a popular hang-out you’ve created for the critters 😉 But no fox? You should have a great show every night for a while now! Best wishes, WG

  2. love the raccoons—my husband use a trail cam at his deer property and always gets great pictures of raccoons, of course he prefers the bucks 😉 –I do suspect the ‘coons to be the culprits with my bird feeders
    Amazing what goes on when we’re not looking—-
    Happy Sunday

    • Hi Sonija, Yes, the raccoons are hunters and scavengers for about anything. I use a lot of black sunflower seed in my feeders, they are eating what the birds dropped!! 🙂

      Thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment, I am headed to your site now! 🙂

  3. My husband would love these pictures…I bet we have a bunch of raccoons around here too. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your woodworking skills are impressive! A nearly-lost art I think.

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