Fog On The Mountain

fog on the mountain

This morning we woke to thick fog covering the mountain. I took this picture from our deck looking toward the mountain. Here is the same view from our deck showing the Beautiful Autumn Colors from last fall. This will give you an idea how thick the fog was today.

foggy mountain

We had light rain most of the day. The fog cleared off mid morning but soon returned late afternoon. Temperatures were mild but soon turned colder this afternoon.




19 thoughts on “Fog On The Mountain

  1. Wow, we ‘ll take the fog over the snow and ice we are having in NY. We had 10 inches of snow in New York yesterday and another 10 inches is predicted to come after midnight….. not fun at all!

  2. I know how you feel Michael! We have been tired of it for weeks now, as we seem to be getting the same kind of weather as you.
    We’re enveloped in heavy mist every day in the mountains, and the rain never stops.
    You are not alone.:=)

  3. Lovely, Michael (as is your woodwork). The Carolinas are so beautiful. I hope you have escaped some of the Michigan weather that seems to be covering the country! Thanks for stopping by The Marmelade Gypsy.

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