Snow and Ice


mountain snow

Picture taken from our deck as the snow started!

The past week we had a lot of snow and it was very beautiful. On Thursday afternoon late the temperatures to warmed above freezing and started to melt. During the night the temperatures dipped to 21 degrees and all the snow that had started to melt changed to ice.

The ice caused major problems for those that tried to drive their cars, ice and black ice was everywhere. At our home on the mountain the snow also changed to ice but instead of having 14 inches of snow, it melted down to 8 inches of ice. Ice is always a problem especially if you plan to walk or hike on ice.


Yaktrax on my hiking boots.

Many years ago a good friend and I had planned a 25 mile round trip hike along the Appalachian Trail during January near Gatlinburg, TN. We had planned to hike in, camp at an Appalachian Trail shelter and hike out the next day. Along this trail is always lot of ice and snow. To be prepared for hiking in the snow and ice I had packed in my backpack my gaiters and Yaktrax. The Yaktrax were a life saver, the trail was covered in snow and ice. If I had not had the Yaktrax there would have been  no way I could have completed this hike.

snow on the mountain

The hike out to the car.

This week I had parked our car down the mountain which is about a one mile hike in case we had to get out.  I am glad I did because we needed to get out on Friday. The hike to the car would have been extremely dangerous due to all the ice but I had my Yaktrax on my boots and away I went walking on the ice with no problems!

mountain snow

If you have snow and or ice a lot, I would recommend purchasing a pair or two of Yaktrax. They are easy to use, lightweight, and easy to carry with you or keep in your car for emergencies. They easily slide on your shoes and they will provide traction while walking on snow or ice. Great for any age! Here is a link on the Yaktrax,

I hope every has a wonderful Sunday!

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25 thoughts on “Snow and Ice

  1. What a great idea! Our ice is not as bad as what you receive; but I do see where they could be helpful even with a little ice when it is hard to walk. I will be so glad when this winter is over. And great pictures! I like looking at winter pictures – I just don’t like living through winters with a lot of snow.

    • Good afternoon Bernice! Snow is always beautiful and the ice to some degree but not when it causes power outages and making it hard to get around! 🙂 The Yaktrax are perfect for ice, up hill and down hill with no problems and well worth the $18 to $20. 🙂

  2. Those Yaktrax look good. We have had years where I have had to wear spikes on my shoes for walking the dogs, but this year we didn’t have ice at all. When I need to replace them I’ll remember your post Michael. Hope you don’t have too many problems with the snow and ice. Stay safe!

    • I am glad you visited my site and thank you for your comment! 🙂 I swear by them too, if you do a lot of hiking I would suggest you pay the extra and get the Yaktrax Pro. They have a heavier gauge wire. I have the Yaktrax Pro and love them, My wife doesn’t do much hiking, so he has the Yaktrax walker and they are just fine.

    • Sevier county TN is a great area. 🙂 It’s a small world Maureen, we lived in Crossville, TN for five years. Crossville is on a plateau in Cumberland county, TN west of Sevier county. Being on the plateau which gave us a lot of snow every year.

  3. Hi Michael–love the pictures. I actually gave our son some yaktraxs a couple of years ago when he was off to Washington for a trek on Mt. Rainer—not a full climb by any means–but it was December—cold with heavy snows. I knew he was off on a suicide trip, I bought the yaktrax and prayed —luckily they survived and he swore by the yaktrax as conditions on the mountain were dreadful—I am the perennial girl scout—always be prepared!! –particularly in the winter!

    • Hi Julie, thank you! Mt. Rainer hike, that’s cool, I use to visit Seattle all the time and hike Mt Rainer, it’s a lot of fun and beautiful! I have not hiked to the top either but would like to some day. I wouldn’t trade my Yaktrax for anything. 🙂

  4. That looks like a great hike! We bought our first pairs of yaktrax recently, just to be able to get around our yard. I was slipping and falling just going to the bird feeders!

  5. And in the my area is no more the winter, the lack of snow and low temperatures.
    I saw on the TV scene in Washington is also the weather is nice.
    I look forward to more photos from your neighborhood 🙂


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