First Night


Yesterday afternoon I decided to move my Reconyx trail camera further into the woods along a trail where I had spotted a Red Fox just last week. I set out two stadium cup full of whole corn and a cup of birdseed.

The first night at this location I ended up with over 100 pictures. I picked out a few pictures to share, two different Red Fox and a huge Coyote! 🙂 Notice the time stamp on all the pictures!

red fox trail cam

There were two different Red Fox last night. Notice that the first three pictures are the same red fox, this one does not have any black on his legs.

reconyx trail cam red fox

red fox trail camera picture

The next three pictures are of a Coyote, he came by two hours after the first red fox. Notice the time on all the pictures.

coyote night trail camera picture

Typical of coyotes, he has a bushy, black-tipped tail, yellow eyes,  long pointed ears and a long muzzle.

coyote picture

coyote picture

The last couple pictures is of another red fox, notice that this one has a lot of black on his legs. He also appears to be smaller in size.

red fox trail cam picture

red fox

After this fox, there was nothing buy raccoons the rest of the night.

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22 thoughts on “First Night

  1. Love the idea of a motion camera, you caught some great pictures Michael. Thanks for sharing them. Your cake also looked really tasty and I love the look of your woodwork. Thanks for stoppng by my blog. I have enjoyed my return visit.

  2. These pictures are awesome because: ALL 3 canids in one spot! That’s like a wildlife, canid nerd, trifecta or something! It would be really neat if you overlayed a gray, red, and yote for some interesting size comparisons. Nicely done.

  3. Wow! How neat to be able to see 2 foxes and a coyote! That looks like an awesome “toy”. I’ve got a raccoon rummaging around on the back deck right now. She’s good company and well-mannered, which I think is rare for her species. Looking forward to seeing more wildlife pics. Sarah

    • yes it is thank you Sarah! The trail camera is pretty cool, I never know what pictures I will have, it is amazing what animals are out there so close to our home! I also caught the neighbor snooping around our property and he never knew it!! 🙂

  4. I’ve been researching images (having just set up my first trail cam that captured a fox image) and I think they top two images are of a gray fox. The tail is very dark, and the facial markings are different. Take a second look and see if you agree.

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