Wood Gloat


walnut slabs

Ok, I’m not generally one to gloat but my chances to gloat are very far and few between. Plus this is too good not to share. Who would drive two hours one way for a board? I would! I did and I am glad I did! I managed to score 200+ board feet of air dried walnut. Boards are all 5/4 inch thick, and are 8 inches to over 16 inches wide.

Anyways…I just wanted to share a few shots of the live edge slabs of walnut I brought home yesterday.

walnut lumber slabs

Once I check the boards for nails I will run them through the planner. All of this walnut lumber will be dark brown in color with pretty grain quality and nice figuring. There are a couple pieces that have a nice crotch with a lot of figuring.

live edge walnut slabs

Next project will be to run these though the planner. I can’t wait to get started and see what comes of these beautiful boards! I will post again soon with pictures after getting a couple boards thru the planner.

See a few of these boards that were ran thru the planner, Walnut Slabs

My Work

solid Walnut cutting board       rectangle cutting board


18 thoughts on “Wood Gloat

  1. It will be interesting to see the difference and eventually to see what you make out of it. Years ago we had an old piano made of walnut and it’s a wood I really love.

    • good evening Cathy! I am going to get the planning a few pieces tomorrow! Can wait to see what it looks like. Wow, a piano made of walnut, I bet it was pretty! I don’t think I have seen a piano made of walnut before, sounds great! 🙂

  2. Oh this is so lovely! I wish I would have ever found such nice wood, my trunks would have looked great. (my hobby is medieval stuff so I built all necessary furniture by myself.) I am curious how it looks like when you are finished with it! Greetings, Davina

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