Walnut Slabs


I had time today to check a few boards for nails. After cutting a couple boards to shorter lengths I ran them thru the planner. A couple passes thru the planner on each side was all I needed to do to get the boards planned.

If you missed my previous post about this walnut, check out the before pictures in my previous post from yesterday, Wood Gloat and now the after pictures in this post.

live edge walnut

I was very happy to see what I had, great color, light and dark browns, a little black streaking and red streaking with cream color running down the edges. Beautiful colors, grain and character too!

live edge walnut

I wiped a little of tung oil on one of the boards to bring out the colors, I can only believe that the remaining boards will be just as good or better. I am very pleased and super happy with what I found, just excellent!! This walnut will be excellent for a nice piece of furniture.

My wife took one look at the walnut and also thought is was very beautiful and then asked me to make her a new stepping stool. I made her a stepping stool many years ago using red oak which she uses in the kitchen all the time. So my first project will be making my wife Debbie a new stool. This afternoon I sketched out three designs for her to look at but she is having a hard time deciding which one she likes the best.

So, I’ve decided that I will post my process of making the stepping stool from start to finish which will be in multiple post. My first post will be coming soon!

My Work

Click picture below to link for more information about my cutting boards!

solid Walnut cutting board       rectangle cutting board


23 thoughts on “Walnut Slabs

  1. It really is lovely wood. I shall look forward to seeing the process of making the stool as I have no idea what is involved in making things out of wood!

  2. Wow..I can’t wait to see the finished product! Tung oil? I had to google that one out. I really enjoy reading your posts – I’ve learned a couple of new things already 😉

  3. Very beautiful! I showed your “gloating” post to Phil, and he understands you very well… maybe one day we can meet in person, and he can tell you a few stories about pieces of wood found in California and… well, it doesn’ t have a happy ending, but… it shows his fascination with beautiful pieces of wood.

    Next year one of the projects we have is to set his woodworking space in our home here – we lost that when we moved from Oklahoma, and he really misses it.

    • Good morning Sally, thank you, you don’t always find walnut like that. It would be great to meet in person, sounds like we all have a lot in common. I’d love to learn more about your husbands woodwork.

      I just read your blog, oh wow! 🙂 What a nice post and thank you so much for including me and my work 🙂 You do such a great job writing and you take the most beautiful pictures! The pictures of the boards are wonderful! The vinegars looks great, the meatballs are a favorite of mine and the pizza looks delicious! I eat more pizza than I should but I love it, nothing better than homemade pizza and a cold beer. 🙂 Great post, thank you!!

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