Mountain Stream

mountain stream

As I walk, I hear no sound but my own from the footstep on the leaves. Suddenly, I can hear the water from the mountain stream and a bird chirping near by. I love this stream, it’s beautiful, all the moss, the trees that have falls into and around the water, and the huge rocks covered in moss. The Mountain Laurel is weeping from the cold. The water is clear and ice cold. I find a place to sit awhile near the stream, it so beautiful here and so peaceful!

Find time to laugh today!




20 thoughts on “Mountain Stream

  1. A beautiful post Michael. It’s late now, so I will do my laughing tomorrow! Thanks for sharing that lovely stream with all the moss. 😀

  2. That is a beautiful spot and looks very restful. We have a similar stream that runs each year from the melting snow and I love the sound of the water moving over the stones.

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