Caladium Bulbs


caladium bulbs

Last years picture!

Hello everyone!

I had gone to Lowes to get a couple things so I decided to walk over to the garden area and they had a huge display of spring bulbs. I love the colors of the caladium so I purchased a few packages. Caladiums are easy to grow and add a big show of color to the garden!

caladium bulbs

There are eight bulbs per package for $6.98, that’s .87 cents each, not to bad a price. I enjoy growing caladium, they are easy to grow and add beautiful colors to the garden. Caladiums are a great companion plant with impatiens, begonias and ferns too.

Caladium bulbs need warm soil at around 60 degrees F. In my area, the soil doesn’t get to 60 degrees until after Mother’s Day. If  you plant too early, when the soil is still cool, the bulbs will rot.

caladium bulbs

All caladiums love filtered sunlight, shade and need well drained soil that is rich in organic matter. I always add mushroom compost and fine pine bark when planting.

Plant the bulbs with the point side up only about 1 to 1-1/2 inches deep, spacing them 8 to 14 inches apart. I also like to grow caladiums in containers, that way I can move them around easily. Osmocote Outdoor Smart-Release plant food, 19-6-12 works great several times during the summer.

The height ranges from 18 to 24 inches but 8 to 12 inches for the dwarf variety. Width and leaf sizes varies with cultivar and age of bulbs. In my area, I would have to dig up each bulb to save them for next year due to the cold temperatures, the bulbs start to rot at the first frost.

It only takes a few days before you start to see the caladium shoots and they will last all summer as long as you water them regularly. Enjoy your day!

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18 thoughts on “Caladium Bulbs

  1. You know, I’ve never tried them, thinking they may be too hard to get going since there is to much humidity here. However, I think I’ll give some a try this year after reading this. I have lots of shade on my patio!

  2. Caladiums really do brighten up a garden. I shy away from any bulb that needs to be pulled and stored over winter. I just don’t have good luck with them.

  3. Beautiful post Michael. It was great seeing a few hopeful signs of the spring that is yet to come.. I probably will have to plant caladiums in my urns this year. I just managed yesterday to get my Christmas planters and Nativity scene away from the front door. I needed to wait for a thaw. They were completely frozen.

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