Favorite Garden Magazine

2014 garden magazines

This year more than year’s past my mailbox has been flooded with garden magazines. From plants, to bulbs to supplies and equipment! I think I have tossed at least 10-12 magazines into the recycle bin that I didn’t want and in todays mail I received another two.

It’s not cheap to print color magazines and pay bulk postage for mailing.

What is your favorite garden plant magazine? Have you received a lot of gardening magazines this year?


Have a Great Weekend!




12 thoughts on “Favorite Garden Magazine

  1. Looks like fun! wonder if your local library would take them and make them available for freebies. I worked in a library and friends of the library would either give them away or charge ten cents.. I would love to make a collage out of them. I looked at some at walmart and didn’t realize that prices had gone up…up…up.

  2. I don’t see Plant Delights in your stack, Michael. Now that is a catalog worth reading! Lots of interesting things to grow on your mountain. Hope you two are doing OK. How is the walnut stool coming, by the way? Best wishes, WG

    • I know, my son borrow my Plant Delights magazine. He wants to purchase some of the Black African elephant ear bulbs. I hope to post again on the walnut stool tomorrow, putting the last finish on it this weekend. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Michael. I get a few catalogues and occasionally buy myself a glossy magazine, but I am usually disappointed at them being full of ads and little else! They help the winter pass more quickly though. Have a good weekend Michael!

    • Hi Maureen! I know what you mean, I do the same trying to find something new to plant. 🙂 Since we moved on the mountain I only have a few areas for gardening. I have had to make each garden bed, adding better soil, etc. we have a lot of rock here that makes it difficult to garden.

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