Deer on the Mountain

deer in the forest

Yesterday evening I decided to take a quick hike down to the creek when I saw something move not too far in front of me. I stopped immediately as I am always cautious when hiking due to all the black bears in our area. I didn’t spot anything at first until I heard the sound of leaves again and then I spotted four deer.

deer in woods

deer eating

There are two deer in the above picture, do you see them?

beautiful deer

deer looking

deer passing

There are three deer in the above picture, can you see them?

Make someone smile today! 🙂

Enjoy your day!



26 thoughts on “Deer on the Mountain

  1. So precious! I love deer and am always in awe if I encounter them at night driving on a peaceful part of the road.
    If feels like a special gift when we’re allowed to come in such close contact with nature.

  2. They are beautiful creatures. In that last photo you can see how curious they are, looking straight at you! Have a good day too Michael!

  3. Deer are always around Zia’s home in rural Michigan. It’s not at all unusual to look out a window and see a deer not 4 feet away. I love to see them anywhere but along the roadside. You just never know which way they’ll jump.

    • Yes it was, me too! On the mountain were we live my wife and I don’t leave the house to walk to the mailbox or to hike without our camera and pistol. We have a lot of black bear around here, last year about this time I walked up on a mother black bear with two cubs. I was about 75 feet away from her when I spotted them but she charged at me for about 30 feet, turned around and took her cubs. Talk about getting nervous!

  4. How adorable are they? We get the odd pack.. group? of deer on our street because the neighbor has more of a park for a yard. They come right up to our from step to nibble on anything green that’s edible. I had to click to enlarge your photos to spot the second deer in that first photo!!

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