Mother Black Bear and Cub


black bear and cub

On my way home yesterday there was a mother black bear and her cub sitting about 100 feet off our private road. My camera was in the back seat floorboard, by the time I got my camera I was able to get only  one good picture before they took off running.

Have a great weekend!



33 thoughts on “Mother Black Bear and Cub

  1. how wonderful! i love seeing mothers (of all species) and their young. It really IS a thing of beauty to see the care and protective instinct of mothers toward their offspring. It really warms the heart!!

  2. absolutely awesome–I love seeing the bears which has been so rare—twice in Cades Cove and one or two times on the Blue Ridge Parkway—wonderfully amazing creatures!!
    I’m so happy you could get a shot—at a safe distance 🙂
    Happy Weekend Michael—

    • I love seeing the bears too but we don’t see them as often as we did when we first moved to the mountain. I have not been to Cades Cove in years, that would be a good road trip! Enjoy your weekend too Julie!

    • thank you, I seem to run into the black bears more than I care too. You need to be prepared in case you do. The other evening around 7:30 I went to fill the bird feeders, when I went around he side of the house I ran into a male black bear. I stopped in my tracks and he starred at me but was not frightened at all of me. I backed up and went into the house. I watched him out the window eating the bird seed.

        • I think so too, I usually have my pistol and Guard Alaska Bear repellant with me when I hike but that evening I didn’t think I needed it. That won’t happen again! I carry a 45 caliper when I hike, better to have it in case you need it than not have anything.

    • thank you and yes I agree. The other day I was driving home from visiting a friend. I had left my camera home charging the battery and missed a great shot. As I passed a vegetable and fruit stand, in the back they had killed a cow, tied the legs together and lifted it using a fork lift. They were four guys gutting and skinning it, only took them 10-15 minutes and they had the meat ready for packaging. I missed get some good photos

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