Jesse’s Song



bearded iris jesse's song

This is bearded iris Jesse’s Song. It is one of my favorite tall bearded iris and is always the first bearded iris to bloom in my garden. The petals are a beautiful soft violet and neatly ruffled. The stems are strong and are nearly 36 inches tall.

 Enjoy your weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Jesse’s Song

  1. Really beautiful, Michael. Gorgeous, in fact. My iris bed didn’t survive the Winter. My garden took a beating. Have you seen the Beverly Sills bearded iris? It’s a real beauty with large coral/pink blooms.

    • I hate that they didn’t survive. I also had a few that didn’t survive too. I have not seen the Beverly Sills bearded iris until you just mentioned it. Google has some really good pictures, it’s a beauty. I think I will have to add this one to my garden 🙂 thank you for mentioning it.!

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