I saw this squirrel yesterday for the first time, he wasn’t around last year. I think this is the first time ever seeing a white squirrel in person. He is very beautiful!


Enjoy your day!




30 thoughts on “Squirrel

  1. He is really lovely – I have only ever seen red or grey squirrels. Our red squirrels here in Germany turn very dark brown to almost black in winter. I wonder if yours is an albino, or is there a type that is naturally white?

  2. Hi Michael,
    Wow! Your squirrel is beautiful and reminds me of a young one that we once found, of all places, in our laundry room! We decided that he must have somehow come in through the hole that was cut for the dryer vent. We managed to capture him and released him outside. Then we immediately started worrying about him, His coloring surely made him a target for predators. We never saw him again. Yours looks like he can take care of himself!

    Thanks for your comment on my latest post. That lantern is years old. I purchased it at a local landscape supply company here in Helena. Best wishes, Deb

    • oh wow, never had a squirrel get into the house but that makes sense that he came thru the dryer vent hole. We have had plenty of chipmunks get into the house from our cats! Not fun or easy trying to catch a squirrel or a chipmunk! 🙂

  3. Glad you were able to capture the proof! My hubby saw a white squirrel this past winter on his drive to work but couldn’t get a photo. He was beginning to think he imagined it until one of his employees commented one day about seeing it, too.


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