Mountain Flowers



White Trillium

We have been getting a lot of afternoon thunder storms with heavy rains. Yesterday in less than 45 minutes we had a little over one inch of rain. I took a short hike today and found the trillium blooming along with the Rhododendron.

white rhododendron flower


As I am writing this post it is raining again and thundering like crazy. The rain is not as heavy as yesterday evening but it’s lightning a lot.

white rhododendron flowers


Have a great week everyone! 🙂





27 thoughts on “Mountain Flowers

  1. we only had a small rain shower this morning. we need a bunch of rain so hope it still comes.

    that trillium is GORGEOUS! i miss those from my wisconsin years.

  2. Michael, do you post your pictures on Facebook? I could share them if you do – otherwise, would you give me permission to post a few (your choosing) for which I would give you full credit with a link to your blog? Let me know!

  3. Michael, your pictures are spectacular. The trillium is the floral symbol of Ontario but haven’t seen one in years. Thanks for sharing.
    Ps can I ask what type of camera you use?

    • I hope you get some rain. Your pictures are beautiful, I especially love the eagle picture, wish I could find an eagle nest to watch. I saw four screech owls this weekend so I have decide to build a screech owl box and get it mounted near by. We have been hearing them more and more every night and early morning.

      We have had evening thunder showers three days now. Forecast has us at 20-30% all week for thunder showers. I hope you get some of this rain too! 🙂

      • Can’t wait to see photos of your screech owl boxes, Michael. We love listening to the owls around here, and the bull frogs which are singing each night now. I’m having to water everything newly planted on these hot days- ready for some rain 😉 I hope you get a break from it. Sorry your weekend was rained out- I know you can’t get too much at a time there on the mountain. Best wishes, WG

        • Good afternoon! I love hearing the owls too, they are really cool birds. I have one screech owl box done and hope to get pictures this evening. We all the need rain no matter how much or little, just never know when we will be in a drought. 🙂

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