Mountain Trillium



Pink Trillium

Yesterday evening took another short hike and found a few more trillium blooming. It is suppose to rain later today and I knew if there were any trillium blooming the rain would damage them.


White Trillium


Pink Turtlehead Flower

I also found a Pink Turtlehead flower!

Enjoy! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Mountain Trillium

  1. Such beauty! Thank you for sharing photos of these beautiful flowers most of us will never notice in the wild. What a treasure you have there on your mountain, Michael. We finally had rain last night, and more on the way. It is cool again. A lovely morning here. Best wishes for a productive day- WG

  2. I love the Trillium and the association to the holy Trinity
    I love the different colors Michael as I usually see the white variety around here in the very early Spring, when things are more on the chilly side–
    Wonderful as usual—Julie

    • Hi Maureen! Turtlehead flowers grow wild in the mountains in our area as well as the Smokey mountains! I read your post today, I am so glad you have a Costco, all you need now is a Sam’s!!

  3. Pretty shots! I planted some Trillium in our yard years ago…no flower though. Just beautiful leaves and sort of a green bud. I wish I had written down the variety.

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