Little Guy

baby opossum

On my walk to get the newspaper this morning, I found this little guy dead on the driveway. I first thought he was playing opossum! This baby opossum was not more than 1-2 pounds, not sure what happened.

We had heavy rain, thunder and lightening again yesterday late afternoon and all during the night. Around 9:00 PM we lost power until 2:30 AM this morning. Our creek is overflowing and my rain gauge shows we got 1.62 inches of rain yesterday. The mountain is covered in fog, light mist and low hanging clouds and our temperature is a cool 64 degrees F.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

“If life gives you limes make margaritas.”
– Jimmy Buffett



26 thoughts on “Little Guy

  1. Oh I am sad–believe it or not, I have always found possums cute–I know, I know, they his and snarl with those teeth of their and many think they are over grown rats—but more like the Kangaroo with the pouch bearing young of theirs—there’s just something really cute about there furry little way and more acrobatic tail–happy travels Michael–venturing along that mountain of yours 🙂

    • Good morning Julie! I agree with you, I also think that they are cute! We have a lot of opossum on the mountain, all you have to do is shine a flashlight in the trees at night and look for eyes, you can always spot two or three! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. i have never minded possums, but have come to dread them the last few years. they carry a deadly virus that can kill horses. my neighbor’s old horse died of it and now when i see them around here, i hope my dogs will eradicate them.

  3. I’ve never had issues with Oppossums until this year. One was living near our back yard and would torment out dog anytime he went out. One morning before daylight I went to the back door to let the dog out and as I opened the door, those red eyes were staring back (he was obviously sick) and he went crazy! luckily I was able to slam the door shut before he got in, not for lack of trying on his part, and kept the dog from getting in the middle of it. This one probably weighed about 30 pounds so it was no small thing. I’m sorry you found this one dead on the driveway because all creatures deserve to live but you can bet I contacted animal control as soon as the sun came up!

    • That was crazy, opossums are not generally aggressive like that especially toward a dog or human. I hate that you had to deal with that, did animal control catch him? We have so many wild animals here on the mountain, we have learned to live with them. We avoid the black bears but love to watch all of the other animals. Not long after spotting this baby opossum we had about a dozen wild turkey in the garden area. 🙂

  4. Poor thing. We don’t have opossums, but we do see a lot of hedgehogs that have been hit by cars. Are opossums a nuisance in the garden? Hedgehogs are very welcome as they eat slugs and snails! 😉

    • Yes, I know. We don’t have hedgehogs here in the US, none at all in the Americas. Opossums can be a nuisance to farm animals, especially chickens and horses. They don’t seem to bother my garden, but the raccoons dig in my garden hunting for earth worms. Since I do a lot of composting I have a lot of worms and they love them.

  5. Possums are a protected species in Australia and they’re a pest in New Zealand. Go figure. In NZ you can buy possum fur sweaters, hats, gloves, etc. Poor little thing didn’t get a very long life.

    • I read earlier today than in North America they are called opossum and thru out the eastern hemisphere they are called Possums. They also look much different than the North America opossum. The fur is much different too.

  6. Poor little thing. We have them around here and I can’t believe how many get hit in the street as people don’t seem to care about them at all. I personally think they are cute.

  7. Hello Michael, what a sad sight to greet you this morning. Have your skies cleared yet? Glad to know you’re not worried about drought! Hope all is well, Best wishes, WG

      • Glad you finally have a clear day. Hope you were never setting life jackets by the door 😉 We had gorgeous sun and cool temps this weekend- into the upper 40s here last night was predicted, don’t know how low it got. I like it like this 😉 Hope the weekend was a good one for your family, Best wishes, WG

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