How Many Chicks Do You Count?



This mother hen was not happy at all with me taking pictures! She ran at me a couple time but I was still able to get 3 shots! She has 14 chicks following her around, that’s a lot! 🙂 My friend said that she had 16 chicks, two went missing yesterday. These belong to a friend.


He let’s his chickens run wild, doesn’t bother to put them in the coop that he spent $500 for material and then built it himself. Only a few a year get missing, which surprises me. He lives about 15 miles from me in a more populated area so he doesn’t have the coyotes and fox like we do.


If you look at these pictures really good you can see the chicks are all different colors. Do you raise chicken? Did you let your hens have chicks this year?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!




23 thoughts on “How Many Chicks Do You Count?

  1. Very cute! We get foxes come into the vllage sometimes, and we are the first garden they get to… otherwise it would be nice to have chickens.

  2. No, but my daughter has chicks and they had to build a completely enclosed chicken coop and yard for them. They live away from the city and here in Texas, even the cities I would think, are chocked full of things that would love to eat those chickens. Blessings, N 🙂

  3. Cute! I can’t let my chickens free range, they only get a few hours of freedom each afternoon. Hawks, bobcats and raccoons are my biggest problems. So I only let them out when I can supervise!

  4. When we owned a farm not far from Quebec City, Quebec (Canada) we kept chickens. I loved them! We’d let them out a few hours before sunset. Get this – the white ones had had all the ‘wild’ bred out of them and didn’t return to roost in the chicken house, so that year we only let them out that one time ’cause we had to chase after them with a coat hanger taped to a broom handle to get them back. I found one – the next morning – in a ditch. I got her back but we were both dirty and smelly. Give me good old Rhode Island Reds any day – they still have their ‘chicken’ instincts!! One year I had one I called The Late Night Snacker. She’d hang out with me in the garden way past the time the others had already gone in to roost – but she was getting lots of tasty bugs!!

    • Hi Cecile I love Quebec, use to visit there a lot when I worked for Rockwell! I also prefer the Rhode Island Reds too. What a story having to chase down all the chickens. I had a rooster attack me once when I was 14, scratched up my arms really bad.

  5. Hi Michael – I’m so glad you love Quebec – me too!! My husband was French Canadian and I’m French Canadian descent. “Them thar roosters’ can be pretty nasty!! My cousin shot his when it attacked one of his young kids. By the way – your woodworking IS AWESOME !! And thanks for dropping by My Yellow Farmhouse!!

    • I always enjoyed going to Quebec and also Toronto. We had a facility in Quebec and Mississauga Ontario, I would often take the train between both cities, loved the train and the sites. Canada is beautiful 🙂 The roosters are really protective and can be mean. thank you very much. I enjoyed your site, nice recipes. I am glad you visited my site too! Have a good week!

  6. A few years ago I had 30 chickens and I LOVED it. I don’t have the space here but I’d have chickens again in a heartbeat. We bought fertile eggs once and it was so much fun watching the babies grow up. We had foxes so our girls had to be locked up every single night. Thankfully they put themselves to bed so it’s just shutting the door to keep the fox out.

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