Angel Wings

June 22, 2014

angel wings caladium

Angel Wings, Heart of Jesus, Elephant Ears are all common names for Caladium. Caladium are indigenous to Brazil, South America and Central America.


Back in March I had purchased several bags of Caladium bulbs, also called corms. If you want to see what the Caladium bulbs looks like before being planted click this link, Caladium Bulbs. Within the last two weeks they have started to leaf out.


I planted them in my garden bed with the ferns and Snow of the Mountain.


As you can see Caladiums come in a variety of leaf colors!


Do you grow Caladiums? What are your favorite leaf colors? Do you grow them in your garden or in containers? 🙂




17 thoughts on “Angel Wings

    • thank you, I just went back to your post you did a few weeks ago and looks like I have some of the same variety and color leafs are you do. They are beautiful this year, I am having to water them since we have not gotten any rain lately!

        • Yesterday was so strange- supposed to stay in the mid to low 70s, it heated up every time the sun broke through the clouds- almost instantly. So humid! We’ve had a cool morning so far, so long as we have cloud cover. Keep an eye on the Weather Channel- the system now offshore is being watched for further development as a tropical system…. You may get your rain….

  1. Your caladium are gorgeous Michael. That first photo is especially nice. Didn’t know they were called any of the common names you mentioned. I haven’t had much luck with caladiums since I left behind my former garden with its plentiful shade.

    • Thank you, I like the colors in first photo too, I think it is my favorite! I hate you don’t have any shade for Caladiums and other shaded plants! Mine are growing in 3/4 shade, some afternoon sun.

  2. Nana had a green thumb – could grow beautiful flowers from a dead stick – she had these all over her yard and when I was little I used to pretend I was a fairy who lived underneath their canopy – that’s for reminding me of that sweet memory!

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