June 26, 2014


I am thinking about installing a pond with a waterfall, so today I visited my local nursery. This nursery has several ponds full of water lilies, gold fish and koi.


Today must have been the right time to visit because a good many of the water lilies were blooming.


There were a lot of beautiful flowers so I wanted to share a few pictures.


Not sure if I will install a pond or not, trying to determine cost and if I will have time to take care of it and the fish. My other problem will be figuring out how to keep all of our wildlife out of the pond and from eating all the fish.


The flowers sure are beautiful! I hope you enjoyed these flowers are much as I did!

Do you have a pond? How much work is it to manage?




19 thoughts on “Pond

  1. they sure sell the idea well. 🙂 i’ve always wanted a water lily/koi pond but i know with the multitude of herons and egrets we get, the raccoons and our dogs, the koi wouldn’t stand a chance…

    • They really do, the flowers are beautiful! I know, I have the same problem with the mountain animals so I am having a problem trying to figure out if I want to build it or not, sure would be nice 🙂

  2. Michael, I don’t have any experience in backyard ponds, but I imagine that if there was a lot of work involved, that it would soon become a labor of love. Beautiful shots, by the way!

    • I think if I decide to build it I am going to have to get a back hoe to dig the hole because we have so much rock it is nearing impossible to dig by hand. I am really concerned about keeping the animals out, especially the raccoons! Oh, I can’t wait to read your post, thanks for the heads up 🙂

    • thank you Allen, I have been reading a lot online about build a pond. If I do it, I am going to add a short streams with a waterfall. I will keep you posted and I might email you a few questions if I get stuck since you have done this before. I got to figure out how to keep the animals out too!

  3. I’ve never had a pond but I remember growing up as a kid and sitting in the rowboat on the lake mesmerized by the beauty of the lilies. I have no idea how much work a pond is but the ones in nature take care of themselves. 🙂

  4. The lilies are so pretty. We inherited a pond and had to drain it as we wanted to keep the trees around it and they just produced too much shade and leaves -not compatible with standing water! I think a pond needs a lot of maintenance, but water in a garden is always such a lovely feature.

  5. Lovely pics, Michael! Yes, we have and the maintenance depends on the type you choose. Just wrote a blog about ours which is wild and full of life…now I’m waiting for the water lilies to flower 🙂

    • Good morning Annette, thank you! I am following your blog but I did not get an email when you posted about your pond. I just went over and read your post, love all your pictures! The views you have are amazing! 🙂

  6. Beautiful pictures! We thought about getting a pond but friends who had one said they were a lot of work to keep them clean. Plus they bring snakes. We decided against one. Instead we do statues that have small fountains. Not the same as a waterfall, but you still have the peaceful sound of flowing water.

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