Favorite Fragrance

June 27, 2014

oriental lilies dizzy

Oriental Lily Dizzy

These are my Oriental Lilies that I purchased in December last year. The oriental lilies have the most wonderful fragrance and it is one of my favorites! The fragrance is very sweet and if you plant oriental lilies you need to plant them near your deck or door way, bedroom windows so that you can savor their fragrance every possible moment!


Garden View

In January 2014 when I received the lily bulbs I posted Growing Oriental Lily Bulbs. If you would like to learn more about the bulbs and growing these read my old post. Oriental lilies are easy to grow with big rewards when they bloom.


Oriental Lily Muscadet 


Oriental Lily Dizzy 


Oriental Lily Dizzy 


Oriental Lily Stargazer

My wife really loves the colors of the Stargazer!


Oriental Lily Stargazer


Oriental lilies are great for flower arrangements. Debbie has made several flower arrangements and placed them throughout the house!

I hope everyone has a Great Weekend!!




34 thoughts on “Favorite Fragrance

    • Hello Andrea, Glad to see you are enjoying the Oriental Lilies too! I love growing them and using them in arrangements. I don’t grow “Silk Road”, I just Googled it and it is beautiful too. It is actually a Orienpet Lily which is a cross between the Chinese trumpet lily and the Oriental Lily. Love the color! Does the “Silk Road” grow 4 to 5 foot talk? You should post pictures of your flowers! 🙂

  1. Beautiful!! I can smell them from here!! I had once tried my hand at planting the stargazers but the moles found them…I’m having a terrible time right now with the mole ruining my flowers along my walk way.
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful images—

    • Good afternoon Julie! Let’s don’t even talk about the moles and voles, I hate those critters. They can eat your entire garden once you get them 😦 I have a lot of hostas eaten every year from under the ground, once you notice your have a problem it’s too late.

      • Our 5 acres is nothing but a giant tunnel with the runs, lumps and bumps all over the yard—we tried something last year and it seemed to keep them at bay, but they are here with a vengeance and considering the size and scope of our infestation—there’s isn’t anything we can do—everyday I’m pulling up another rootless, once established, plant—–
        and yet, they stay out of the garden—go figure—they’re just interested in my ornamentals….

        • Oh wow, that’s a lot of moles! I love to garden so much that would probably make me sell and move. I am sorry you have to deal with them. Do they get your container plants too?

        • oh how I spoke too soon—-I’ve just come in from plucking—again–it was 4 hrs yesterday and here I was 2 hrs tonight—the deer are back with a terrible vengeance–even looks like they sat on my beans–crushing them, toppling them over and the others all topped out and leaves gone—I am about to let them have it!!!!

        • oh no, I sure hope they didn’t eat everything. I don’t know how large your garden area is but could you put up a high fence? I have not had the deer back since I put out the soap but looks like I might have had raccoons visit. I found a few grape bunches on the ground this morning.

        • The garden is large—but that is going to be more work than we want. I’ve re-soaped and we put out more deer b gone this evening. I think I may have to buy some cheap perfume and douse our scarecrow again—that seems to help—go figure 🙂

    • I grow Stargazers too, they just have not started blooming just yet, any day now. Stargazers are nearly all red color and are also an Oriental Lily, wonderful fragrance too! My wife loves when the oriental lilies start blooming, she also cuts them and makes a lot of arrangements 🙂

  2. Such stunning colours. I love lilies as they always remind me of a very happy time in Langkawi, Malaysia. I was spending 2 1/2 months there with my new boyfriend at the time… 17 years and two children later, the scent of these gorgeous flowers can still transport me right back 🙂

  3. Those are stunning lilies. My mom has a couple of them in her garden. They do have a sweet scent. I have some Trumpet lilies, White & Yellow that have very strong scents like Easter Lilies, I’m allergic to the smell though so I just enjoy them outside and never bring them inside.

    • Good evening Ida! I am also thinking about getting a few Trumpet lilies to add with the Oriental lilies. I am sorry that you are allergic to them but at least you can enjoy them from inside 🙂

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