Blue Hydrangea

June 30, 2014

blue hydrangea-flower

After heavy rain Sunday evening and light rain most of the night, it’s a beautiful but cloudy day today! The hydrangea are absolutely beautiful this year!

blue hydrangea-flowers

Do you grow hydrangea?

Have a great day!





35 thoughts on “Blue Hydrangea

  1. my poor ol hydrangeas had to be cut back to the nubs after that last late heavy freeze in the Springs–just when they were starting to leaf and bud out—they luckily have survived but will not be blooming this years. My two are blue as well—these are lovely pictures Michael and will happily tide me over until mine can bloom next year 🙂

    • I know what you are talking about, I had that happen three years ago, I was very upset but I pruned them and they are doing ok now. I hate getting those late hard frost, it’s tough on all the plants. The colors this year are exceptional! 🙂

  2. The blue of your hydrangea is gorgeous! We do not have hydrangeas here, but did have them in northeast Ohio (where we used to live). My husband has been talking about planting some because they are one of his favorites.

  3. Your hydrangea is perfection! And yes, we grow a few varieties, but they didn’t handle the our last late freeze very well. They’re resilient though, next year will be better!

  4. That is a beautiful hydrangea! Greg got me a plant for Easter. The flowers died and we planted it in a shady area of our garden. So far so good. The flowers did not come back but the plant looks healthy. He got my mother the same plant and of course her plant is flowering and looks great!

  5. It’s beautiful! In Japan they say the Hydrangea are best viewed in rain, and they do flower during the rainy season there. I saw a whole garden full of them there and it was quite something!

  6. My absolute favourite plant!! Thank you for this lovely pic – and also the right colour 😀
    Mostly I just see the purple ones here, blue isn´t that often where I wonder around. Lovely!!

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