July 2, 2014

Morning glory

I am not exactly sure what this plant is but it has lovely flowers. You can also see that there are several seed pods. This is a volunteer plant, it came up on it’s own, seeds might have been dropped by birds or maybe carried by the wind.

morning glories

If you can identify this plant, please let me know!!

I get a lot of volunteer seedlings all the time, especially from my Japanese Maples. I pot the Japanese Maples all the time, grow them until they are about 10 inches and give them away.

Do you often get volunteer plants or seedling from your plants and or trees?


Check out my Blue Hydrangea flowers!

blue hydrangea-flower


Best ever pie!  Ooey Gooey Caramel Pie






33 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. And a pretty volunteer plant it is. We get volunteers in the garden. One year we planted ground cherries and every single year they pop up all over the garden! We pull them all the time and still they are everywhere.

  2. It looks very much like a balloon flower. We had some in our garden but they did not come up this year for whatever reason.

    Yep, we have volunteers growing in our flower pots on the patio this year. No idea what they are – some purple and pink wildflower things that either came from the ‘processed’ bird seed or the squirrel planted them. 😀


    • Good morning Lindy, thank you!! I have never grown Balloon Flowers, they are very pretty!! It’s amazing how mother nature keeps the process going with all the volunteer plants! Happy 4th!! 🙂

  3. I have the most tasty little cherry tomatoes popping up all over in the mulch. If I tried to grow such plants, it wouldn’t work, but these sneaky little hitchhikers are so healthy! Yay, volunteers.

  4. It’s some kind of Campanula I think… maybe Campanula latifolia, but there are lots of different sorts. I was weeding under some trees this spring and suddenly had a baby walnut tree in my hand, with the shell still attached to the root! I put it in a pot and one day we will give it a proper home!

      • You’re welcome, Michael. Be sure to look for the pink ones too. I have some and they are the loveliest shade of pale pink. I am typing this with my first bee sting of the season, on my middle finger no less. Have a great July 4th weekend, yourself!

        • Oh no, I hope it wasn’t a Yellow Jacket, they really hurt and will cause it to swell. I did Google research and saw the pink color and a fushia color too! I hope to save the seed from this blue plant and plan to mix a bed with all three colors next year!

        • Hmm, there is no reply button after your last reply. A bed with all three colors would be very pretty. No, not a yellow jacket. Either a hornet or wasp. I can never tell the difference. I remembered hearing that tobacco would pull the toxin out, so I tore up a cigarette, stirred in a tiny bit of water and held that around my finger with a damp paper towel. Then I held an ice cube on it until the ice melted. Worked like a charm. Speaking of yellow jackets, a bunch of them built a nest in the bottom of a wooden barrel pot on our deck a couple of years ago. We sprayed inside the hole one evening. The next day, the barrel looked as if it had exploded.

        • I don’t know which hurts more, Yellow Jacket, hornets or wasp. I am glad you are feeling better. I use a product called After Bite Xtra, it works great for all kinds of bites, burns, etc. I wonder what made it explode! 🙂

  5. I too would say it´s a balloon flower (Platycodon grandiflorus). http://www.gartendatenbank.de/de/search.htm?q=Platycodon+grandiflorus The link is German but it shows right the plant you took a photo off.
    At home we began with 1 walnut tree nearly 30 years ago. My mother got several different nuts from other people after that. So, today, after nearly 30 years we have 10 walnut trees of 7 different varieties, and each year we have to “kill” many little seedlings. It´s a shame, really, because Walnut trees are so gorgeous! (Ok, yes, a lot of work too, but that doesn´t matter. they are just lovely)
    Also, we have lots of plants from birdseeds, sometimes even hemp.
    It´s just lovely seeing all this grow without having planted anything.

    • thank you!! 🙂 I like Walnut trees and eating the Walnuts as well as cooking with them too. That’s great that your mom did that, 10 Walnut trees is a lot. I wish I had some of those seedlings 🙂

      • The only thing I could do is to send you some walnuts over in autumn. We have ones that turn pink inside but are very small, we have those huge walnuts which are tiny inside (they are used for decoration purposes most of the time, sprayed with golden or silver colour, but they taste lovely. One has to crack open the shell with a bench vice), we have some with a heart shaped shell … it´s just so great!
        Have you ever eaten them when they come fresh from the tree and the white (later brown) peel can still be removed? That´s the absolute best!!! The kernel is then bright white and really soft to bite, and deliciously tasting. Where my Mom came from (around Stuttgart) they used to preserve them with treacle, and in summer they used them then for cakes and ice cream and so on. Ok, I better stop here 😀 … I am already enthusing over them 😀 😀

        • Thank you, that would be wonderful but I am not sure we could get them thru US customs from Germany!! I have seen the heart shaped shells only in pictures, never seen or held an actual shell!:) I have eaten them fresh from the tree, my neighbor gave me fresh walnuts two years ago and they were delicious! I visited Mosbach Germany back in 1997, it was a great trip, beautiful country, loved seeing all the castles. 🙂

        • I am not sure if the customs would check on such a small package? It would be worth a try.

          It´s nothing animal, so it might work.

          Maybe if I would spray them with colour and would declare them as “Christmas tree decoration” …. 😀

          The heart shaped ones are nasty to collect. The tip of the heart is that sharp it feels like a needle when you accidentally grab it wrong. And believe me, that often happens ^^ And it hurts like hell ….

          But the taste is worth every pain *chuckle*

          Oh you´ve been here? Nice to hear you liked it :-). Yes, we have really nice castles, they are not really far from where I live.

          I´ve never been to America. When it´s up to deciding where to go it always ends up in Scotland ^^

          Maybe, someday, when I am living there I might go to America.

        • Good morning Davina, I would love to have the seedling if you think it would work thru customs!! Never been to Scotland but I’ve seen pictures and it’s beautiful. You should plan to come to America, you would love it! 🙂

  6. Good morning! I took a picture of the same flower, yesterday.. Not in our yard. I didn’t know what it was either. So neat to come across unknown beauties..

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