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July 8, 2014

Lemon LIme Hosta

Lemon Lime Hosta

Anyone interested in a plant exchange…plant swap? I am always looking for something different to add to my garden, that’s what makes trading fun! We’ve all shared our plants at some time or another.

If any one is interested in a “Plant Exchange”, plants and seed, let get something started! The concept is simple, you offer a plant or seed for free and someone offers you a plant or seed in return and you both agree to trade. The only expense is postage and maybe a few minutes preparing your plants for shipping.

You can post here on this page a comment on what you have to trade and what you are looking for. I bet someone will read and respond to your trade. Be sure that you include your email so that you can email and work out the details and exchange shipping addresses. It’s fun to find a box full of plants at your mailbox!

Ok, for my first trade this is what I have;

HAVE:  Lemon Lime Hosta, looking for bearded iris! The lemon Lime hostas are mature plants, multi-eyed and are well rooted. I like the variegated bearded iris the most or make me an offer with another plant! If you are interested in the Lemon Lime hosta please leave a comment letting me know and list what you have for trade.


Lemon Lime Hosta Flowers 

Tips for shipping, when shipping your plant it’s best to ship bare root be sure that you wrap the roots in wet paper towels and cover the paper towels with a baggie. I then use rubber bands around the baggie to hold everything together. Be sure to poke hole in your box so that a little air can get inside! Seeds should be packaged in a sealed envelope and then over packed in a shipping envelope.


Trading is done at users’ discretion. Michael’s Woodcraft has no control or responsibility over trades arranged here. Keep in mind some traders may let you down, let’s hope that doesn’t happen, please be fair in your trade.




20 thoughts on “Plant Exchange

  1. i’ve been fortunate to get a few sprigs of an old moss from virginia which have done well here around an oak tree. and a texas pal gave me seeds from her morning glory and one plant finally has taken off! otherwise, i don’t do well with plants. vitex didn’t take. another set of morning glory seeds were a bust. i’ll leave it to good gardeners. 🙂

  2. oh I see, you’re just going to start trouble, but you’re not responsible for the brawl 😉 HA!
    Oh I wish I had something pretty to trade—everything I had has either been ravaged by the dang moles, as in disappeared or keeled over as all roots mysteriously vanished or is starting to fade in the lack of rain and heat—but what a great and wonderful idea Michael !!!

  3. You might want to check into the laws in your area regarding interstate transport of plants with soil on their roots Michael. Many states don’t allow importing plants unless they have bare root balls. It’s a good law that prevents many soil borne diseases from quickly spreading. For a bare root plant just wash off all the soil with a garden hose and wrap the roots well in damp newspaper just before shipping.

  4. Michael, your Hosta is lovely. Ours out in the garden are pretty ravaged, but one on the deck looks great and has just finished blooming. I have decided that any future Hosta need to grow in pots, well out of reach 😉 Your Lemon Lime flowers are such a gorgeous shade of lavender. How large does this plant grow? I would be more interested in one of your hybrids…..

    I have purple (Rosalee Figge) and white (Stairway to Heaven) re-blooming iris which need dividing- I also have I. Rock and Roll which is burgundy with yellow, which I would consider dividing to share with you. It is supposed to re-bloom, but it hasn’t yet. (just planted spring 2013) Interested?

    • Good morning Elizabeth, I have been lucky this year, the deer have stayed away except for my grape vines. Seems that when the grapes are just about ripe and ready to eat they show up. Lemon Lime in not a huge hosta, mature Lemon Lime will grow about 8 to 10 inches high, 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Snails, slugs do Not like it! Flowers are beautiful and will set seed but the seed is sterile. I really can’t share my hybrids just yet. I send one entire plant – Regal Rumor for tissue culture so that left me only one 4 eye plant. I would be glad to trade you Lemon Lime for Stairway to heaven, one or two, etc. Let me know and I will divide my plant.

      • Dear Michael-
        Good morning! Hope you’re having a good week. I will dig a few fans of I. “Stairway to Heaven” on our next cool day. Please don’t bother your Hosta until you hear from me. Heat index went to 110 here yesterday, and its already in the 80s at 9 AM. We expect the temps to drop over the next few days, and when they do I’ll dig and shoot you an email. Your Lemon Lime sounds like it is small enough to grow well in a pot. Would you like me to throw in a rooted cutting of a beautiful red-leaved cane Begonia? I have quite a few rooted in the windowsill, and they are ready to pot up. They are from a plant I purchased more than 7 years ago at a Farmer’s Market as a gift for my folks. We have made lots of new plants from the cuttings and they are gorgeous.
        Thank you for offering the exchange, Michael! Great idea!
        Hope you enjoy the day,


  5. I really like this idea! I would love to receive an edible perennial. I have an awesome perennial tarragon plant about two-feet tall that I cannot kill even in the cold Central Oregon winters. I harvest the stems, cut it down to about two or three inches above the roots, ignore it all winter, and then every spring it regrows! I’ve already divided it before and it just keeps on growing and giving. Tarragon is a lovely herb for grilling or soups. My email is Any kind of edible plant would work. Lemony thyme anyone?

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