Prehistoric Looking

July 9,2014


Male Beetle

This is the eastern Hercules beetle and is a species of the Rhinoceros beetle. I think most people know this beetle as the Rhinoceros beetle. I can remember as a child finding these all the time. I ran across the male beetle first yesterday and then about two hours later found the female in the same general area.


Female Beetle

The female does not have the two horns.


These beetles are generally green, gray or tan with black markings.Β  Including the horns, these beetles can reach 2.4 inches in length so they are rather large!


He was very active and crawled all over my hand and did not want to let go.


US Postage Stamp, October 1999

Our US stamps are unique, you never know what you will findΒ US stamps!


I hope everyone enjoys their week!

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Lemon Lime Hosta







25 thoughts on “Prehistoric Looking

  1. Michael, the pictures are amazing. For years I was afraid of insects, but after teaching insects to little grade ones I developed an appreciation and awe for their beauty and skills. Thanks for sharing.

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