Fancy Chickens

July 11, 2014

beautiful ornamental chickens

My friend had gotten a bunch of different ornamental chickens back a few months ago and they have grown a lot. They are all healthy, very beautiful and colorful.


There are 18 total all in the same pin and house.

unique Ornamental chickens

He is raising them more like pets, all of them like to be held.


Have a Great Weekend!




20 thoughts on “Fancy Chickens

    • They are really beautiful I like the gold and black but also the totally gray one, his feet are covered with his feathers! 🙂 My friend got them from Travelers Rest Feed & Seed back in May.

  1. Oh lovely! My parents gave been keeping chickens for over 30 years now and they too like to be *cuddled*. They have a great life. We have the white one on the pic in black and we keep the same grey ones, as far as I can see 😀

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