July 14, 1014


This morning I spotted this deer browsing around our property, I bet she is one of the deer eating my grapes! I walked down to pick some grapes yesterday evening and found that the deer had been eating again. I bet they have eaten half of all our grapes this year.

It another sunny day and our temperature is suppose to be in the mid 90’s F today and all week with a chance of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Based on our average rain fall we are short this year by 6 inches. I am having to water the garden every evening. I hope rain comes this week!

Enjoy your week!

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35 thoughts on “Deer

      • you should see the corn–trampled, and the few ears this year that I’ve been watching, have been yanked off and stripped. The lack of rain has everything withered—we’ve tried watering but to do it right would cost a fortune—I think they just don’t like tomatoes, thank goodness.

        • I hate to hear it Julie, all the work, I know how you labored to get the soil prepared and everything planted, watered, etc. Well, I sure hope you have a lot of tomatoes!!! 🙂 We are very short of rain but the evening news says we have a 60% chance tomorrow, the weather is coming from the south so maybe you will get rain too!

  1. What a familiar sight! They got through our fences Saturday evening and polished off my huge Gryphon Begonia sitting right up against the house on the patio. Last night it was roses. Hungry little monsters, aren’t they? So sorry for your grapes. How frustrating when there is only 1 crop per year, and they get it.
    I’ll put the Iris in the mail later today. You can certainly pot them up until the weather breaks if you know its too hot and dry to place them in the garden now. They both have a great root system, and I’m shipping them in fresh potting soil. Best wishes, WG

    • oh no, I really didn’t know they would eat Begonia too! I can ship Lemon Lime any time to you, weather is suppose to get cooler, 80’s rest of the week. Email me your address again please!!

      • No rush, Michael. Whenever it is good for you. I answered the email earlier. Believe it or not, the deer have eaten Gryphon, Dragon’s Blood, and the Semps. They took a major chunk out of a mixed basket of canes last year. They ignore them for weeks, then all of a sudden the Begonias get munched. Very sad sight indeed.

        • I will get them shipped this week, tomorrow I have a 3-4 hour meeting, they are really interested in my boards. You must have a lot of deer! The most I have seem around here at one time is 8, but I know there has got to be more. I sure hate they are eating everything in your garden, 😦 all that work. It really makes be mad about my grapes but I don’t know how to stop them. 😦

  2. There are deer around here. I am sorry about your grape loss. We have avoided hitting a few while driving. I sure don’t want to see any of them get hit…People drive like crazy on back roads, here in Oregon..

    • I wouldn’t want any of the deer to get hurt or killed, I see them all the time on the road where people have not been paying attention and they lay dead, it’s wrong that they kill them. 🙂

      • That deer may be a mom to young deer etc.. It’s sad to think about it. We don’t know exactly what an animal thinks if a family is missing and gone, never to return. I am sure they have feelings too.

        • I know they do have feeling, I seen before where if a deer knows and finds their dead companion, they will stay with it for days grieving. IN about 3 days they will finally leave, it’s sad.

  3. Good luck with finding a solution to keepi the deer away from your grapevines. And we thought birds were bad enough at picking the vines clean. At least we could put netting over the vines to repel the birds. Not sure that would work with the deer.


    • It is nearly impossible. Came home today and looks like the birds have found them too! Just got them covered with the net tonight, maybe that will help. I would love to see a picture of your vines!

      • Well, you will remember to put the net on early next year. 😉 It’s very effective against the birds. Would love to show you photos of our vines but they were from a house we lived in during the mid-1980s. I don’t think we ever took photos of it.

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