Quiet Saturday


Can you believe it is August already? I took a quick hike today up to the Junco birds nest and the babies are gone, so I am hoping they made it.

Our weather today is nice and cool at 68 F with partly cloudy skies with on and off again rain. Since last Wednesday we have gotten 3.5 inches and are expected to get another inch by end of the day on Sunday, then the sunshine is back!


Enjoy your Saturday, be sure to laugh and smile today!

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Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!


19 thoughts on “Quiet Saturday

  1. We might actually get a shower tomorrow—but I’ll believe it when I see it!! I made tomato jam yesterday–a sweet yet savory spread for crackers and cheese–I’ve tomatoes coming out of my ears!!
    Happy drying out, I hope–
    Hugs Michael–

    • I hope you do get the rain Julie! Sounds like you have been busy but it is worth it, I love tomatoes. I got a bunch of heirlooms at the farmers market today and had a tomato sandwich for lunch 🙂 After a quick show around 7 PM, the skies cleared and we saw the sunset the first time since Wednesday. XXX

  2. Looks nice and green after all that rain…. and envious temperatures too. Hopefully we’re going to get a few cooler days now too. Have a great weekend!

  3. Today it got to 85 degrees! Very hot and we played a round of disc golf. Recently it has been in the 70’s so I just about died playing disc golf, ha ha. But we got off the course in time because a big thunderstorm came through the area! Not sure what tomorrow will bring!

    • I know what you mean about the heat, August for us will be hotter than heck, not looking forward to 95+ degrees. I like to play disc golf too 🙂 It was raining again today so we went to an indoor range and shot our pistols for two hours, we had fun.

      • That sounds like a lot of fun! 95 degrees is just brutal! So yesterday was 85 and today 70! Just crazy swings in temperatures! But it gave us some time for some serious grilling!

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