Things I saw Today


Our weather has turned from rain to hot! It’s 81 degrees F today with sunshine so I decided to take a short hike. Along the way I took a few pictures. Most of you will recognize most if not all of these! How many can you name?

colorful moth








How many plants did you name?

After my hike, I spent a couple hours making homemade Mint Chocolate Chip and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, look for a post later in the week on how to make both of these 🙂 you won’t believe that these are homemade!!!

Sunday is nearly gone, that means tomorrow is Monday 😦


Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream



22 thoughts on “Things I saw Today

  1. What a great way to spend the weekend. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures Michael. Look forward to the recipe too. 😉
    Have a nice Monday.

  2. Beautiful photo’s I know cat tails, I am not really good at horticulture I called those yellow flowers forget me nots. The bee’s are nice and the mushrooms look good are they edible?

  3. Great pictures Michael–worked in the garden and yard all day while Gregory bush hogged—-I sure wish I had a bowl of that ice cream right about now–and no, not nary a drop of rain this weekend!!!

    • After reading your fist line I was trying to picture you on the tractor!! I make a dark chocolate custard today and a mint chocolate chip ice cream too!! The vanilla would be good right now too but it’s all gone. I hate you didn’t get any rain. Big hugs!

      • oh no, I wasn’t on the tractor–Gregory was doing the bush hogging–I am ground maintenance only 🙂
        I don’t even ride that lawn mower thing of his–the x-mark–you know, the kind with only sticks for driving–no steering wheel!
        I’m just a foot soldier
        hugs to you and yours–country cookie 🙂

  4. I got the cattails and what I think is a black-eyed susan (can’t see the “eye” for the bee). It looks like a nice day, with all those great things to see. I used to believe 81 degrees is hot. Then I moved here where 81 degrees feels good after all the upper 90’s. 🙂

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