Huge Black Bear

huge black bear

We have had more black bears visiting us this year than I can count. This is a huge black bear that I have seen before during early evening hours just before dark. As you can see the picture was taken at 9:22 PM.

I really enjoy my trail camera!!!  Do you have a trail camera? What animal pictures are you capturing on your trail cam?



27 thoughts on “Huge Black Bear

    • I was told by DNR that around on our mountain there at a total of 41 bears that they know of and that have been tagged. However, they also said that as you know, bears will travel over 100 miles to find food and their could be more or less depending on food and water availability on the mountain. Plus there could be cubs that have not been caught and tagged. I have learned to carry a pistol for emergency only. They do scare me but we have learned to live with them and to not feed them. When I see them I head for the house, only one time have had a smaller black bear run from me, otherwise they stand their ground.

  1. Wow! That’s a beautiful bear (although I wouldn’t want to meet it on a trail!). I don’t have a trail cam, but have been thinking about getting one just to see what’s out there at night. 🙂

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