Hilton Head Beach


This is Hilton Head beach, South Carolina! This week has been fun even though we have had a bit of rain Sunday and Monday. Today the temperatures have been in the mid 80 degrees.


The water is chilly but nice, my wife’s toes in the water!

I hope everyone is having a great week!





It’s turn fall, our low temperature have been in the mid to upper 40’s degrees F all week. It won’t be long and the leaves will be changing.

Yesterday afternoon we had a shower and then this beautiful rainbow appeared with the sun in the background. It was stunning and made me smile 🙂

Has your weather started to change?




Birds Eye Maple Boards

Check out my cutting boards, serving boards and cheese boards, they make great gifts!



Cheese Boards



Birds Eye Maple

I have added a new Cheese Board or it can also be used as a cutting board. Size I have available are 8 inch round, 10 inch round and 12 inch round. The handle adds another 4 inch plus to the length depending on the size board. You can find my new boards on this page, Cheese Boards

The first picture (above) is Birds Eye Maple, very beautiful and hard to find.


Walnut is very popular and makes a beautiful board. Many times the walnut will have curly designs in the wood and cream color streaks that add character.


Quilted Flamed Maple

Quilted Flamed Maple is very beautiful, you can see the beautiful flame colors in the boards above.

wood conditioner, spoon butter, board butter or wood butter in tins, made from mineral oil and beeswax, spoon butterAll of my boards are hand sanded to a smooth finish then finished with numerous coats of food safe mineral oil then top coated with mineral oil and beeswax. All boards are shipped with a tin of my Wood Conditioner!


Makes a very nice gift for someone who likes to cook and entertain family and friends

Charcuterie boards, cheese boards and cutting boards make great Christmas gifts or a nice anytime gift for a friend that likes to cook or entertain! If you get them engraved it makes the gift more personal!!

Do you have a favorite cutting board that you use all the time? I would love to see pictures of your boards!

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Southern Broccoli Salad


For lunch today with our chicken salad croissant, I decided to make a broccoli salad. This is a southern broccoli salad because this recipe uses Duke’s mayonnaise. Everyone in the south uses and love Dukes Mayo. The dressing is sweet but also has a little tartness from the white vinegar, it makes this recipe very delicious!

1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 cup Mayonnaise (Dukes Mayo)
1 teaspoon white vinegar

raisins, add to taste – I generally add a hand full
small red onion, add to taste
bacon, 3-4 strips cooked or use real bacon bits in a jar
Cheddar cheese

Start by washing and cutting the broccoli into bit size pieces. Cook 3-4 strips of bacon or use the real bacon bits in a jar. Let the bacon drain, then chop into bits. Chop small red onion, add as much or little as you like.

Combine all of the dressing ingredients together in a small bowl and mix well.

Just before you are ready to serve, add the cut broccoli, onion and raisins into a bowl and stir in the dressing. Then top with the cheese and bacon.




What is your favorite cold salad, broccoli, pasta, etc? If you have posted your favorite salad recipe, please comment and share a link back to your recipe!




Quilted Flamed Maple Cheese Boards

Short Hike



We had non stop rain all night, this morning no rain but very foggy on the mountain. I decided to take a quick two mile hike before breakfast to check out the creek. The area in the picture is loaded with moss and is like a sponge when it rains. All of the moss is very  green from all the rain last night! Before I got home it was raining again and I got soaked, 🙂 it’s been raining all day.

After the hike we decided to drive to Landrum South Carolina, then on to Tryon North Carolina to browse the art, pottery and antique shops. We found a bunch of antiques today.


I have a New round cheese board – serving board I have added to my site. These make great gifts! Click this link, Round Cheese Boards to see more pictures of this board.



Acorns Are Everywhere


It was dark and late, I was sitting on our deck having a glass of wine and could hear the usual crickets, frogs, coyotes howling in the distance, etc. and lots of acorns hitting the ground. It was continuous nearly without stopping. We have a lot of acorn trees and they are full of acorns this year, so I thought I would take a picture and post this morning.


Our temperatures continue to be cool and refreshing, 59 degrees F this morning.

How about it your area, are the acorns falling too?

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!