Large Luna Moth


The Luna Moth is a very beautiful moth and common in our area. We always see these moths late summer, early fall. This one is huge with beautiful color and markings!

My site is back up after many hours of work, it took me longer than I anticipated but that’s ok. I still have lot of tweaking to do that I will work on later in the week. I hope you like the new theme!



51 thoughts on “Large Luna Moth

  1. Glad you’re back and the site looks great! We have only seen one lunar moth, ever. He was gorgeous and IIRC about 5″ across, but no purple coloring.

  2. Wow! what an amazing photo, Michael! She looks like something Peter Max might have dreamed up! Haven’t explored your site yet, but it looks really good on my screen. Nice and clean! I like the light background, too. Hope you enjoyed the weekend, Best, WG

  3. Back in the 80s my daughter had to look after the chrysalis from the school lab…amongst them were some of these Luna Moths …they emerged and were amazing…we still have an empty case from one after all these years… it hangs in my summer house… 🙂

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