One of A Kind


I have started making one of a kind cutting boards and serving boards! Each board is numbered and is designed to be unique so that it can be displayed in your home but also makes a great accessory for cooking, cutting and serving.


Like all the boards, I  hand select each  piece of walnut, maple or cherry. Did I mentioned all my boards are handcrafted one at a time by me and only me and they all  have beautiful grain, shiny finish, and smooth to the touch.

My supplier for walnut told me today that the price of walnut is going up very soon, it appears that there is a shortage of walnut. Only hope that the price doesn’t go up too much!


The above board is Curly Flamed Maple, as you can see it has beautiful color and character! My wife really  loves the Curly Flamed Maple, if I don’t get a buyer for this board she said that she will be keeping it.

What do you think of my new boards?



45 thoughts on “One of A Kind

  1. These are all lovely, and I have to agree with your wife’s choice! 🙂
    I saw on a blog yesterday where the blog family lives on a farm and they cut down a HUGE CHERRY tree and cut it into pieces for their fireplace. I wanted to scream. 😦


  2. I love those cutting boards! Unfortunately we are moving, I can’t purchase anything. Besides, my husband is a woodworker and would kill me for buying something he could make himself (although I do not doubt the quality and craftsmanship of your work!). That reminds me, I need to reply to your email about what happened with our floor!

      • Everything is so dry here, especially after the recent heat. It finally began raining hear in early evening, but most of it went around us. We need more, and I am hoping we get an inch or so over the next few days. Did you recognize the Begonia I sent you in the photos? Has yours bloomed yet? Hope you’re well, and having a great time working on the new designs. Best wishes, E

  3. My dishes are “basketweave” by Pillivuyt. They can be found at Williams-Sonoma. I just buy a piece or two when they’re on sale as they are quite pricey. I use them mostly for blog photos, but hope to have enough for a dinner party one of these days 🙂

  4. Love the new look here, Michael! Very clean and easy to read. Your one-of-a-kind boards are gorgeous! I can see why the curly flamed maple sold so quickly – it is beautiful.

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