Another Beautiful Mountain Sunset


We had another beautiful sunset yesterday! I think fall is going to be earlier for us this year, we are already having cooler day and night temperatures. Last night we had a low temperature of 65 degrees F.

The leaves have started falling, acorns, hickory nuts and walnut are falling too. It won’t be long before we have the beautiful fall leaf colors!

Has fall started in your area?



35 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Mountain Sunset

  1. you may send a little of that coolness our way—continuing mid 90’s I think it’s hotter so far in September than it was in August—I ready to send this heat and humidity packing!!
    We did have a doozy of a storm Sunday afternoon and night–a monsoon with minor flooding. That has kept us more cloudy than sunny both yesterday and so far today, which does keep the heat at bay. Looking forward to cool and crisp 🙂
    Have a marvelous day Michael!

    • Good evening Julie! Oh I hope it cools off for your soon, I don’t miss the 90’s and the humidity! We had storms Sunday afternoon too but did not get much rain. Sounds like you got a lot of rain.
      I just came back from the mailbox and ran into what I thought was one skunk but then there were two more. I had to wait 5-6 minutes to before the passed, good thing is that there was no spray involved!
      Have a great evening 🙂

      • What a hoot…I go to the mailbox this time of evening and I have to worry about being jumped by a coyote, or spooking the raccoons, possums, and deer from the bird feeder—minus the scent, they are cute aren’t they 🙂

  2. Yes, fall has definitely shown up here! We’ve been having lows in the mid-30s… the colors will be changing quickly now. I love it! Beautiful sunset! ❤ 🙂

      • We’re at 7,000 ft and surrounded on the east and south by 11,000-14,000+ ft mountains. Our little town is situated in a valley beneath these mountains, and the cold settles in down here by the river. We’ve seen as low as -38 right here at the house… but that’s not the norm. 🙂

  3. It’s starting to look and feel like fall here, temps are still warm but leaves are showing the first sign of turning and one tell tale here is the ginko’s are starting to fall from the tree’s. Beautiful photo.

  4. Up here in tropical Queensland, the signs of spring are decidedly here. Birds are twittering, the cat is moulting, trees are sprouting new leaves, weeds are popping up!

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